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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Taking control: Deal with your internal conflict...!

The function of the unconscious mind is to secure all information and experiences as they occurred. Conflict arises when there is disagreement on the goal or its strategy. It is a manifestation of the power and intention of the unconscious mind to maintain status quo. Internal conflict is always there, tearing apart your goals towards reshaping a better you. It comes disguised in logical hurdles through over planning your strategies. Planning is good and there is a saying that, if you do not plan, you plan to fail. Nonetheless, if you overload your ultimate goal with minute details of how you will achieve it, it may never take off. Having a picture of what you want and focusing on the end result will fill you with motivation to move from the crossroads. Maintaining positive thoughts of your goal will energize you and motivate you to be in an alert mode to expect and attract positive results. Each person has a clear purpose for which he exists. Conflict may also arise when your goal is externally motivated. Your goal is part of your vision and is solid when it ties in with seven intelligence and reveals your spiritual gifts. This means your passion fits the way you are wired; the programs you are configured with and therefore operational in bringing your goals to reality. The challenge arises when you do not have knowledge about the spiritual aspect of all humanity. It is illusive when you bypass the fact that you are a spiritual being with a soul living in a body. This means you have not tapped into your spirituality. The cheerful Creator who has good thoughts of your health and financial prosperity says His grace is sufficient for you to overcome, especially when you trust Him to carry you over the floods and storms. Having said that, it is easier to deal with the devil you have identified. I mean you cannot change what you have not identified as a challenge. First be aware of the tricks of your ego that supports your unconscious mind. The common one is not trusting yourself to overcome obstacles. Again, this will create overwhelming conflict if you start comparing yourself with whoever you are emulating. The wise approach is learning how your role model became successful. You can then apply that to fit in with your goal. If you feel challenged in equipping yourself with relevant skills, seek mentoring rather than succumbing to fear of moving from crossroads. Conflict must be addressed and cleared if you are to make progress towards your goals. It is a negative energy which bars all opportunities and resources you need. It exudes repellent emotional cues that will surely keep you from moving from the crossroads. Undetected, it will pull you down and usher you in underworld though seeking other negative powers. The enemy will destroy you by giving you false remedies like resorting to drugs when things do not work your way. He will steal your peace and joy and cast you in the emotional prison of depression. His ultimate goal is to kill your vision by removing motivation and hope which are important components of your positive energy to act daily and tirelessly towards your goal. Find out if you have conflicting thoughts about your goals!