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Thursday, 10 April 2014

How to Rise above the Storm…!

Rising above the storm is attaining ideal leadership qualities.  It is being able to control your thoughts not to shuttle between your past experiences and projecting your attention in the future because you can only make rational decision when you are focused.  It is being able to know how to drive the self so well that you know which gear to engage in various challenging situations.
The most accurate measuring tool is your emotion. Emotions reveal the nature of your thoughts.  Although emotions are described in different adjectives, all add up to positive and negative.  When you are not sure whether your thoughts are good or bad, find out how you feel.  Both emotions are easily detected: Positive emotions always attract positive response from others regardless of whether they agree with your point of view. Negative emotions equally attract negative response.  So whenever you encounter negativism, check your emotion; what vibration are you exuding?  
How do you discard negative emotions? 
1.    You first must remember that emotions are cousins with your mind and therefore a devil’s playground.  
2.    You are a spirit being and your mind must comply with you and not the other way round.  In other words your mind must submit to the spirit self.  This truth has never been revealed during childhood socialization therefore must be learned.
3.    All of us have been accustomed to letting our minds to operate on auto-pilot and we regard this as normal but it is not. When you learn to visit your mind the self-talk norm will subside and you will be more focused because you have actually limited the information traffic which could be regarded as noise.  Most of us have unpleasant past and the ego idolize and feeds on this, causing you to harbor anger and other negative emotions at subconscious level. An angry person is not lovable because other people pick this vibration.
4.    You are able to rise above the storm when you become present. This refers to ability to maintain positive thoughts regardless of challenging situations.  You learn to break this negative habit of reacting to mind stuff by simply watching your anger without labeling it as part of you.  This needs practice and it is a liberating experience because you maintain your position above any storm.  Remember the saying; your attitude determines your altitude.  Watching your emotions this way enables you to recognize that the words you speak are not yours but the mind stuff and because you are alert,  you can chose to steer yourself out of a negative situation. 
5.    As soon as you focus on the present, all unhappiness gradually dissolve because painful emotions are the product of your ego. You do not have a problem until you indulge in the past events and allow accumulation of little things which when you project into the future, threatens your ideal self.  When you rise above the ego stuff, you are on the way to attaining enlightenment. You will maintain stable calm personality which is a big plus in leadership.

You can only love people when you are present because love does not remember the past; it is not rude and does not judge.   When you reclaim your true self you will be able to operate in love. You will have joy and be at peace; most importantly, you will have self control!