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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Taking control: Learn about mental health

Your brain is a control system that regulates your body so that it serves you well until you die. It is one of the most important parts of your body which you must learn about and take care of in order to achieve your goals. Mental health refers to providing adequate care about food that feeds the brain, exercises that keep it fit and positive environment that keeps it clean and growing. 
You can maintain functionality of your brain through engaging in challenging activities.  Like any part of your body, you brain will waste away if you have archived all your books on the last day of your examinations. The following is the basic information which you can research on and include in the list of things to do in your quest to take control of your life:
1.    Feed your brain appropriate nutrients: You must cut off Trans fats completely. Your brain needs good fats daily. You could include cold water fish like tuna, trout, mackerel and salmon. Vitamin E feeds the brain cells. Use olive or flax seed oil for cooking. Include Omega 3, it feeds and oils your nervous system.  Ginkgo Biloba stimulates the blood flow. Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidants that helps to rejuvenate all body cells.  These supplements are necessary because even if you can afford good foods, you kill most nutrients during the cooking process.
2.    Eat according to your blood type.  Read Eat Right for Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo.  The book will help you understand how you get arthritis and the host of other lifestyle diseases.  Take responsibility and learn about the contributing factors to Alzheimer diseases and the negative impact of chlorine on your body.
3.    Physical exercises: We are not wired to sit and do nothing.  Physical exercises stimulate enzymes that support your whole wellness.  For an example, have you ever seen a cheerful lazy person slouching on a sofa? No!  Exercises are detrimental to your aging slowly.
4.    Positive environment: The Creator’s Constitution (the Bible) consisted of ten laws which were summarized to two laws; love Him and others.  If you could  understand the power of love, there would be no wars, hatred and strive. Love is central to prosperity, social and natural laws.  The Creator said He has good thoughts of prosperity and health about us. His name is Love and we are created in His likeness.  This means positive environment is detrimental to our general wellness.

Seeing is believing; you may need proof before you take action.  The good place is old age home.  There you will get a picture of how much you need your brain even at old age.  You will surely change your mind about mental health. It is sad not to remember your own children when you need them most.  My point is, if well maintained, you brain will serve you well. You will age gracefully.