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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Taking control: Have you moved from the cross-roads?

Life is a journey and has valleys that often stretches your faith and need added physical and spiritual energy. Cross-roads are life-rivers that you must cross and mountains you have to face and conquer.  There are incidents that require life changing decisions which I refer to as your cross-roads.
Assessing your cross-roads score in 2014
Self evaluation is a basis on which you measure your personal growth. It follows therefore that you note why you have not reached your goal, and must identify the underlying reasons for you failure. If had written your goals down, it would be easy to go back and read them objectively. It is also important to update activities you engaged in and how much time you invested so that you could rationally evaluate the nature of your challenges. Some people dislike this exercise; but it is critical that you see it as valuable gauge that inform you about the resources you need to get to your destination.
 We all have goals pertaining to relationship, financial prosperity and improving our health. Other important aspects that need upward mobility are your spirituality and improving your professional profile. Let us highlight your progress on the scale of one to ten, regarding common ground in which most people seek:
1.   Relationships: How far have you progressed in bridging the gap with your spouse and or partner, children and colleagues? For example, perhaps you have been working on supporting your spouse or and your company partner without trying to change them. It could be that you are a student; you are overwhelmed by your parents for not being ready to parent you as a teenager!
Solution: As a spouse you have to learn about unconditional love and the difference of controlling versus supporting other people? As a parent, learn to coach rather than be a military commander!
2.   Financial prosperity: Have you started your own business? If not why? For example you need to plan your day so that you can list activities towards your goals and still honor the recommended six hours sleep.
Solution: Have you considered registering for part-time course to conquer the fast changing technology so that you can fully utilize the internet?
3.   Optimum health: You noticed that you have weight challenges because you like starch and sweet foods. You have not passed the challenge yet you know the consequences.
Solution: You know you cannot sweep the dirt under the carpet any longer; you must face your mountains! Ask yourself! What gap am I filling with food?
4.   Career development: You know that you must register for masters program to be able to qualify for managerial position. You postponed this for the last two years. What exactly is your problem?
Solution: Write down the benefits of improving your academic background and place them where you can read them at least twice a day. You have to convince yourself and there is power in repetition!
5.   Spiritual growth: The paradox of life is this: Fulfillment is attainable in the spiritual realm because you are a spiritual being with a soul living in a body.  If you have no idea what this statement of fact means, you have to start to research on the concept because this is where you must begin to attain everything mentioned above.
For you to make progress on life journey you have to make decision to keep on going and trusting on your gut feelings. The greatest injustice you can ever do is failing to make decision to move from challenging situations. Camping at cross-road is allowing the fear of unknown or failure to keep you in your own prison. Consider failures as stepping stone that enables you to enlarge your social and financial intelligence.


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Taking control: 5 complex subjects you must apply wise compromises!

Life is a lot complex when you are planning to partner with somebody in a binding marital contract because you really must find someone who loves you enough to bend his/her beliefs and values.  Sacrificial compromise must be acknowledged as evidence of unconditional love and not a weakness.
Compromise defined
A compromise is being able to allow and accept lower than expected concession on something through open communication. It is noting and being mature about the fact that each person is an individual and very different from you and therefore cannot see the world according to your perception. Compromise enables people to tolerate each other and co-exist in various social institutions.
Five subjects you must apply wise compromise
You are an individual and have likes and dislikes.  Nonetheless, you learn to forfeit your right to full satisfaction as you go through various developmental stages.  The most significant compromises occur when you decide to bring another person into your life under the marital contract. It becomes complex because marriage is designed by God and has His rules. From the social perspective though, compromise has been a subject of much debate under the banner of human rights.  Huge documents were drawn and governments have to enforce them.  Nonetheless as you plan to bring someone into your life you need to consider the following before you tie the knot:   
1.    Spirituality: You are a spirit being with a soul living in a body. The issues of spirituality therefore are of utmost importance.  If you are a Christian, you better marry a Christian; life will be less complicated when you worship your Maker! Even if you fall for somebody outside your religion, you must sober up and internalize how many compromises you are willing to meet for the rest of your life!
2.    Political affiliation: This is one subject you are likely to tiptoe around hoping to make it insignificant. It is not; and could be disastrous! Imagine these: you and your spouse watching current affairs and unable to discuss issues for fear of arguing? Think about that! Remember; parents are role models and children emulate them. Political affiliation compromise could be hard to meet.
3.    Your career: After a lot of hard work you are finally an engineer and you work away from home.  Would you find somebody who will compromise and accommodate your work conditions?  Remember your career is your life; so is your spouse’s career! From spiritual point of view, a wife simply comply to all circumstances; but from human right perspective, how far do you expect another person to forfeit their own personal goals for yours?
4.    Number of children: Agreeing to a specific number of children is an honorable compromise.  Social roles make a mother more responsible to feed and nurture an infant. On the other hand, it is expected that you as a father must provide for the family. How prepared are you to share your wife with your child? Remember a child has selfish reflexes of needing attention now and will learn about the delayed gratification principle later in life. A child also will become another factor of compromise when considering migrating to another country for higher paying job if that will disrupt schooling program.
5.   How You Spend Your Money: You work to meet your needs and wants. Without a spouse you probably change cars every year though you live in a rented bachelor apartment.  You also shop designers’ clothes and enjoy eating out. All these are likely to change to accommodate your partner’s needs and wants apart from saving money for the number of children you purposed and are convinced will make you happy. This requires a huge compromise and psychological preparedness.

In relationships compromises are essential and are permanent conditions that make life bearable in all social institutions. They are a basis on which, a person willingly experience less of the available resources in order to accommodate the likes and dislike of others. Compromises distinguish mankind as a social as well as a moral being; they assist in upholding a social justice.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Taking control: Spiritual guidelines to prosperity!

Every person has inborn desire to prosper in relationships, health and wealth. We all go through informal, non-formal and formal education to have insight on how to achieve our personal goals which encompasses these three categories that represents optimal life.

What is prosperity?

Prosperity is ability to experience fulfillment on relationship with yourself in a way that reveals your spirituality. It entails access to material and non-material things necessary for holistic success - proper food that nourishes your physical body and access to social institutions that empowers you economically, socially and spiritually. Prosperity is whole when it develops you as a spiritual being and extends to physical self by evident success to financial abundance, positive regard to other people and good health.

You are created to prosper!

Seeking prosperity is inborn because it was originally spoken into your DNA by the Creator: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”  Planet earth is created for you and it has things you need and want: First you must love yourself and your Creator to have a revelation of the earth as your place of dominion. Secondly, when you understand your connection with your Creator, you will have insight of your power over seemingly overwhelming situations. He lamented that we perish for lack of knowledge.  This challenges you to seek His knowledge which is now available for you through the principles of the Law of Attraction. Thirdly, being given a will unlike other living things, you have a choice to learn and practice the secrets of the law of love and prosperity.

 Spiritual guidelines to prosperity:

First it is important to note that you are a spirit being with a soul, living in a body. Because you are created in the image of God who is a Spirit, you are also a spirit being. This is why He knew you before you were conceived.  (This truth will liberate those who think they are not born in ‘proper’ families). Note the following principles:
1.    God is Love: This is how He describes Himself. Because you come from Him, it means you operate at optimum level when you love unconditionally.
2.    Connect with God through faith: Without faith it is impossible to please God; therefore stay in good relationship with God in faith.  Deep within you this truth is clear; you know that you are more than a physical being.  At spiritual dimension you have experienced the exuberance of being part of Him. Seek God; He will reach out to you.
3.   Love other people: This is mandatory. The Creator says you must meditate on whatever is true, noble, just, lovely, good report, pure, and praiseworthy. All these point to living in harmony with others. It is a conscious decision to stay in a positive energy state of existence. You need people to prosper.
4.   As you think in your heart, so you shall be: All good and bad things you see originate from thoughts. Thoughts are creative. For an example; your house originated in your mind as a thought before you discussed its features and before it was built. Let your mind be a channel where you access higher wisdom and knowledge of Him.
5.    Give; and it shall be given back:  This is a law of cause and effect. Those who give are always blessed. The Creator wants you to practice the law of love to connect and experience Him as your Higher Source of all that you need and want. You can attract resourceful people and financial opportunities when you care and share your wealth with the poor; which essentially means responding to what the Creator ask of you.

You are a spirit being and in your physical dimension on planet earth you were created to experience prosperity in relationships, good health and accessing unlimited wealth. The Creator loves you unconditionally and He wants you to love Him back and practice love to other people. You are created to have dominion over all creation and enjoy life to the full.



Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Taking control: Seven ways to find the inner self!

Discovering self is the most ignored and yet important exercise which enables a person to describe who they are. Logic says you cannot effectively utilize nor nurture a product you do not know about.  Knowing self is exciting and leads to satisfying life.

Self Concept defined!

Self is a totality of a person’s perception of biological and social attributes which often are influenced by cultural beliefs and values inculcated during socialization.  This often skewed definition of self is tainted with emotional issues and learned defense behavior projected over time.

As an adult, you need to take a good look of who you are for the purpose of redefining who you would like to be. This is a serious business of re-writing your own life according to you and not persons who raised you.  The reason for doing this exercise is to let go of any emphasis of your weakness and embracing your strengths.

Ideal tool to find the inner self!

The first step to discover the inner self is to take a pen and paper and start writing whatever you can say about yourself. Let a week or two pass and then take personality test. I suggest you take Jung’s model because it is the most comprehensive for he addresses the whole person – consciousness and unconsciousness.  This aspect of analysis of self is important because it tends to describe the internal processes and overt behavior. It is particularly helpful because it is your internal being that is mysterious and affect observable behavior. The inner you is greater and more powerful catalyst of your values and belief system.

How to find the inner self

After the two weeks period of writing who you think you are, you can objectively respond to Jungian Theory based personality test.   The following steps highlight important aspects of discovering the inner you:

1.   Take Jungian personality test: The test covers your careers and occupations that are suitable for you. It could extend to providing pointers to a suitable long-term relationships partner. The latter is very important because you would rather avoid incompatible partner regardless of other trimmings that may attract you such as material possession or high social status.
2.    Evaluate what you have been doing: Take the test information seriously and sort out the discrepancies with your own write-up. While it is true that nobody knows you better than you, remember that it could be that you are classically conditioned to think in a particular way intentionally or unintentionally by your parents, and other social institutions.  
3.   Act on your strengths: If you discover new traits, engage on discovery exercises to experience them. For example, if you find out that that you are a writer and a counselor and to your amazement you display outspokenness traits yet you also tend to enjoy your own company; research this and make sure you find a professional help if necessary.
4.    Choose a mentor: Jungian model personality test list famous people of your type; it is therefore possible to understand some of your mysterious traits from others. You may also decide to choose a mentor to be inspired to venture in some new territories.
5.    Meditate on who you aspire to be: You become what you think.  For you to shed the old self and allow the new you to emerge, you have to take action and replace the old habits with new ones.  The best way to achieve this is through meditation. Daily affirmation of what you want to be; speaking success over your life will surely boost your self confidence.
6.    Make-over: Change your image. Chose suitable hair style and shape up your flab to gain that executive look which redefines you as a person of substance.
7.    Design your continuous empowerment program: Following the personality test, you know where you are and where you could be. You have a totally new perception of what you need to reach your optimum life. For an example, if you thought you like writing and you limited that to your current job.  Think outside the box!  Write short stories for children and discover the creative child in you. Write a poem; it could release some of the hidden issues as you pour out your feelings as a fictitious character.  
Learning transcends the grave. Life does not happen to you; it is what you make of it.  Our individuality is within and only when you seek, will you find exciting capabilities. When you are equipped with this knowledge you are able to acts on your inspiration for better quality of life. Remember, you are a co-creator of your life!