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Friday, 30 May 2014

Taking control: Love is the light that expels the darkness of negativity!

Taking control denotes claiming back your power and ability to perform and produce desired results.  The Giver of all that is, is Love.  He operates through love and your duty therefore is to know what the Creator’s love is, so that you can learn how to align your life to His and hence overcome your negativity.
Remember that your spirit never dies; it will leave your body at the point of death and go back to your Creator or to eternal destruction.  So the issue of knowing who you are is not a myth and you must give it your attention.  I will highlight how you can get started in preparing for your eternal life with your Creator.  He first demonstrated love by sending His Son as a Redeemer to buy you back into His household.  The questions you will have to answer therefore are: What did you do with my Son whom I send to release you? Did you accept Him as your Savior?
The explanation of love will enable you to understand the relevance of these questions.  It will reveal why the Creator says without faith in Him it is impossible to please Him. This will be the point of focus in forthcoming articles.  He laments on the ignorance of mankind regarding the purpose of life on planet earth.  In seeking enlightenment, I encourage you to open your heart because you cannot descent spiritual concepts with your mind.  Love is a key to your purpose in this life. Note the following attributes of love:
1.    Patience – denotes having general positive regard for others because we have different temperaments, which sometimes challenge our attempts to love unconditionally.
2.    Kindness – would not allow you to speak ill of others not ignore the need of those you can offer help. This includes both physical actions or sending kind thoughts and prayers to the unlovable people in your life.
3.    Love is devoid of envy – it means to be happy when others succeed before you.
4.    Love does not boast and is not proud – Let me explain this with regard to long-term relationships.  Couples boast about their contributions and effectively destroy their love and appreciation of their partner’s uniqueness.  Generally boasting is hurtful and says I am better than you!
5.    Love does not keep record of wrongs! This is the common of all relationships ills.  We step on the toes of those we love and they tend to remind us of the past wrongs.  This is the first challenge you have to learn to overcome in loving unconditionally because this is an emotional blackmail. Such an attitude says you hold the other person hostage; thus making life very uncomfortable. It is a form of controlling; the selfishness of mankind. It is amazing how we overlook this, yet your own Creator gave you freedom to love Him and willingly obey Him.

Loving others denotes you are ready and willing to protect them; you trust and uplift them when they encounter challenges. You encourage them to persevere and uphold their hope and show them that life is like a wheel - you experience both good and bad and learn accordingly.  The best part that applies to you and others is that, lover never fails! 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Taking control: Meditation is a key for success!

Meditation is a deliberate deep thinking and contemplation of the end result of the desired change.  It involves weighing up of the positive succession of planed activities towards the goal.  It is propelled by application of faith that is congruent to the positive mind energy.
Positive change comes through focusing on the desired goal all the time.  It is having the central thought that encapsulates the identified need and is kept alive by keeping it at conscious level.  It denotes the first thought when you wake up and the last when you dose and fall asleep.  From the spiritual point of view you need to align yourself with the guidelines provided by your Creator on how you must meditate:
1.    He has thoughts of good health and prosperity and wants your meditation to include Him because He is able to meet all your needs according to His riches.  Let me explain! The Creator has provided all that you will ever need to have good health, social and financial prosperity. Most of us struggle to access these because we do not know how to align our minds to that of the Creator and take appropriate actions to have what we want.
2.    Without the Creator you are like a tree that has fallen off, and soon dies.  If you understand that you indeed need Him because He gives you things you take for granted like breathing and provision of water and food, you will realize how real your Creator is.  You will also discern how able He is to coordinate and give you wisdom to achieve your goals.  He regards those who acknowledge His ability as being like trees that are planted along the river and therefore never withers.  It is indeed so! The earth was created to provide mankind’s needs and wants.
3.    Meditation requires positive attitude!  It is fueled by positive energy that is revealed by how you relate the Creator and other people.
4.    Meditation is effective when it is energized by your confidence that you are able to get what you want because the Creator has given you ability to create wealth. It is important to note that poverty is a curse and the Creator loves you more than you will ever imagine.  When you meditate about this, you will get a revelation of how much it is so!  
5.     Through meditation you will get a revelation of how your mess has become your ministry! Your mess is a wrong reaction to your situation which does not bring any positive change.  You ministry is a lesson you have learned out of your undesirable response to challenges.  You can only rectify bad situation with your positive actions hence conform to what the Creator wants. He says believers are those who minister to others with their actions. Such are the light and the salt of this world. For an example, if you are living with anger, you are outside the arena of favor from the Creator simply because He is Love.  It is His condition that when you meditate you must let go of negative energy so that you can align to His power to see good in others through Him; thus finding something to love in unlovable person who caused your anger.

Positive change only comes through surrendering any resistance by accepting what is. I am not saying you must give in to undesirable conditions because that is a negative attitude. I am referring to your conscious decision to acquire and embrace a lot of positive energy - love, faith hope and confidence – so that any challenges you meet will leave you with a balance. Meditation is ability to align the whole you – spirit, soul and body - with the Creator.  

Monday, 26 May 2014

Taking control: You can accelerate or sabotage your own goals!

The purpose of making goals is to channel your resources, daily thoughts and actions towards achieving your desire.  Goals help you to measure your fruitfulness within specified period.  They are fueled by your positive imagination and consistent momentum of planed activities.
How can you sabotage your own goals? The first and the most damaging factor is doubting your ability to undertake your own planned activities by asking other people for their opinions. The root cause of such action is the fear of failure, which is a form of low self-esteem.  The danger of any referral is that once any person point at another way of approaching your challenge, you will not be able to trust your own capability to reach your goal. Most importantly, the other person may water-down the most important and unique element of your goal.  Remember your goal points to your vision which is a spiritual matter between you and your Creator. 
The second common enemy is inconsistency which breaks the momentum and result in prolonged period of achievement.  Inconsistency is reducing the positive energy you need to keep the image of the finished goal alive hence maintaining your motivation to do planned activities with zeal.  Inconsistency denotes not being in full agreement with the whole of you – spirit soul and body. Let me explain! Your mind is part of your soul and together with your will, must work together with your spirit self to override issues of your physical self.  For an example, you mind must dictate to your feet to go to planned places and so that you can perform certain activities and not succumb to procrastination.
How do you accelerate your goals? You do so by believing that you are the only one who really knows what must happen and have unique skills and wisdom to achieve it.  You perfect your strategies by updating yourself as much as you would if you were undertaking a project at work or school and must note activities on order to brief your boss or supervisor on progress and challenges.  When you note down what you have achieved, you will also note bottlenecks and review the strategies accordingly.  Each time you make a correct move, you build your self-esteem and maintain your motivation to achieve the goal for your own personal growth.  Compare this satisfaction with the guilt of taking the glory for someone who had been dishing out guidelines. That would not allow you to grow and be confident to coach others.   

Be psychologically ready to get out of the box. For an example, you may need to meet other people you regard as higher than you to seek their stand through interviews in order to influence policy. Personal encounter in accelerating your own goal will add value to your character and your profile.  It will have a positive impact on how you view the world and your part in it.  When you flip, get up and keep moving! Never second guess your inner voice nor succumb to fear that could result in you altering the image of your finished goal! 

Friday, 23 May 2014

Taking control: Learn dynamics of relationships!

A relationship is a product of an interaction with one or more persons, or with living and non-living things.  A relationship is dynamic because it could bring positive or negative emotions.  Active components of an ideal relationship are communication, love, respect, trust and sharing time and other resources together.

Discussion of this subject is in the context of adults preparing to tie the knot. Relationships are challenging to humans perhaps because we do not understand love according to the Creator’s definition.  It is a common phenomenon to draw a private specification of the attributes of the future partner.   Most descriptions cover physical make-up therefore it becomes easy to pay less attention to other equally important factors.  Marriage is ten percent physical love attraction and ninety percent results of your decision and ability of leaning to live together with a total stranger. Consider the following pointers:
1.    Is this person given/assigned to be your mate?  Only those who are active believers are cultured to make this a priority and to seek spiritual assistance from spiritual leaders.
2.    Have you fallen in love or in lust? You need to know the difference.
3.    How do you view yourself? Are you emotionally ready to share all your life with another person? If you are dealing with emotional issues, it is best to address them before you tie the knot. An ideal situation is one where two emotionally stable individuals bring mutual clear intentions to the bond of marriage.    
4.    Do you bring partial self that seek your ‘real’ agenda? This pertains to the following:
a)   Getting married to escape unhappy home or to spite your parents.
b)   To fit in because your friends got married and you feel left-out.
c)    You fear your parents who have been in the same predicament as you about the meaning of marriage.  Such parents pressure their children in unsuitable marriage for their benefit.  The common benefit in African culture is wealth in a case of a girl.  Sometimes due to lack of appropriate parenting skill, parents are afraid that their daughter in this era of liberal moral standards will likely get pregnant and damage their good name.
5.    Do you really understand contract relationship in the context of the Creator’s definition? This is a subject that is taught through counseling sessions for the minimum period of six months in order that young couples could make informed decision when they swear that they will love and honor each other until death separates them.

If you have been experiencing negative emotions at any point in your relationship, check your readiness to share your life in an intimate relationship! It could be that your ego (underlying motivation of the mind) is playing you. Watch out for your true motives! Remember that true love demands no conditions for the other party to change who they are because that is not possible nor is a positive approach to a long-term relationship.  True love should be void of conditions that seek to satisfy one party. Ideal relationship must operate on good communication, unconditional love, respect, trust and dedication to sharing time and the whole of you to the each other. So; are you ready for the contract relationship?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Taking control: What to do when you feel negativity arise in you!

Negativity is an inner resistance manifesting in various forms of feelings as a mental reaction to the environment.  It is a foreign destructive energy which enters your inner space and do not conform to your true make-up as a spiritual being.

You will understand negativity better by first acknowledging that you are a spiritual being that has been, because you are part of the Creator who has been and is timeless and will not cease to be.   Secondly, that your material body is time bound and therefore destructible. Thirdly, that all pain could be blocked and neutralized and rendered non-effective. When you are aware of your power to live in peace because you have decided to fill your inner space with love, you will indeed know that the true you is a light and cannot co-exist with darkness.

When you feel negativity (irritation, impatience, depressed mood, resentment, judgment, grief, anger etc.) rising in you, learn to do the following in order to disarm or block it:
1.    Note the negative feeling and watch it without thinking about it. Thinking about the negative feeling will fuel it and strengthen it.  You succumb to negativity when you allow the mind to react to situations hence contribute to unconsciousness (absence of awareness of self). The function of the mind is to think and help you to make right choices and decisions.  When the mind engages in negative thoughts, it becomes your enemy and therefore must be stopped.  The rationale for watching your feelings is to empty the negative energy by deciding not to allow dirt in your inner space.  This will immediately weaken the negative emotion. You would have succeeded to overcome evil with good.

2.    Alternatively, you can drop a negative reaction by imagining yourself as transparent to the external negative factors.  See anything undesirable as going through you as it would if you are a hologram.  You can do this by applying compassion to all people and the negative situations they create.  It is similar to the philosophy that when you are driving, you must regard all drivers as reckless in order to be able to stay alert and ready to avoid accidents.  The rationale is to value your peace so much that you will not allow your ego to give any attention to negativity. You see, when you respond to negativity you are giving it your attention; which actually implies that it is important. If you allow yourself to engage in negative emotions, you nullify the positive energy within you and actually defile your inner space.  The question for anybody watching the scene is; are you different from a mad person who has lost control and the sense of reality? Reality exists in your consciousness; this is why you must hold onto it to retain your power.

You can succeed to take decisive steps into spiritual enlightenment when you know the truth because it will make you free.  The truth is that love should be your motivating factor, which douses any negativity wherever you are.  It is the only way in which you can be the light of this world and the salt that is able to spice any dull situation hence bring joy and peace in others.   

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Taking control: Forgiving others demonstrates personal growth!

Forgiveness is ability to observe and seek goodness in others.  It is a deep desire to offer and operate in love and overlook other people’s mistakes.  It is a higher notch of self control in which you seek harmony in people you interact with.
Forgiveness is one of the key principles of spiritual enlightenment without which you cannot attain the full measure of attributes of love. Love is mandatory for all humanity because it is the main ingredient of our make-up.  It is a positive regard of others without conditions.  This then explain why forgiveness is a key to your emotional health and condition upon which your spiritual growth thrives. 
When you do not let go of offenses it means you live in the past and therefore have chosen to live in bondage of negative energy.  Any normal person would prefer to be in control of thoughts that promote life and general wellness because love, joy, peace do exactly that. Negative thoughts and resulting negative emotions bring death because carriers end up with physical illnesses that include terminal diseases like cancer.   Forgiveness is a decision to view and assess offenses as low state of consciousness on the part of offender.  For you to demonstrate self-control and rise above offense means your ability to stay present and look at offense from the point view of compassion.
Forgiving others means regaining your power to maintain healthy inner space.  It is a liberating experience that brings calm and immediate joy. It reveals and confirms that you can only control you and not others.  Because it is a spiritual mandatory principle, it empowers you to stay connected with your Creator who said you must forgive your brother before you seek Him.  He said this to demonstrate that you simply cannot live with others without offending them one way or the other. When you surrender to imperfection of humanity, you allow yourself to have accumulated abundance of love which will override any evil and therefore leave you with some balance of love every time. 
The guiding principle in learning to forgive others is the fact that you learned from a lot of mistakes before you reach the place where you can overlook offense because success is the result of many failures.  Any person who offends you therefore is still learning and you can be a role-model and let your positive attitude win or succumb to unconsciousness and remain in a compromising position where both spiritual and physical death is imminent.  Your Creator is Life and forgives you for every offense. The enemy is the spirit of death that encourages you to remember year, day and hours when somebody offended you. The enemy whom you allowed to live inside of you will play this tape in your mind which will build up hate, and the host of negative emotions, until you die from broken heart.

Forgiveness demonstrates higher level of consciousness which is ideal personal growth.  It ushers you into self-control which is a fruit of the spirit; a real you! Everything starts with awareness, desire and then decision to maintain constant actions to stay on course.  This is what personal growth is all about! 

Friday, 16 May 2014

Taking control: Are you assessing your upward mobility?

Upward mobility pertains to personal growth as a result of successful achievement of goals. It could also refer to identifying and mobilizing resources for your vision.  Assessing your progress is mandatory and will enable you to measure your commitment towards a desired change.

The process of taking control of your life is a life-long exercise, which transcends the grave.  This means as long as you are alive, you will encounter challenges and daily learn from them as you become successful in maintaining a cleaner inner space and acquire skills to manage your personal blemishes.  It is important to identify and unlearn bad habits. If this includes bad influence from your friends, move away from them!  Find those who are moving upwards! Learn how they achieved those things that are similar to your plans. 

Assessing progress should be part of the growth strategy.  If the important step to take control of your life is letting go of your anger because you are divorced, you need to replace angry thoughts and emotions with positive and empowering thoughts as follows:
1.    Am I benefiting to think of the failed relationship? The answer is no; and you cannot reverse the time invested in that relationship.  Each day you allow your mind to drift towards the cause and whether or not you contributed, you are actually harming yourself.  You are opening the wound every time; and it is up to you to choose to move towards healing.
2.    Is this the only issues that has angered me or was there other dormant experiences? While it may seem irrelevant to consider the real source of your anger, it will help you to see how you contributed to the failed relationship.  For an example, if you are living with disappointments because your parents separated or were divorced, you are likely to be carrying:
i)            Fear: If you brought fear into the relationship, you probably contributed negative energy because you could not trust your spouse.
ii)           Insecurity: In such a case a failed relationship was a confirmation of what you felt unconsciously and such toxic energy would not have allowed you to love unreservedly.  Insecure person wants to be perfect and demands the same from others.  Such a person therefore has a controlling behavior.  Remember! You can only control you and nobody else. 
iii)          Easily angered: If you find you are always picking hurtful words when communicating with others, it is likely that you have negative emotions and it is extremely challenging to positively interact with other people.

Moving from these incapacitating emotional issues requires that you pay attention on how often in a day you catch yourself brooding over the past argument; anticipating offense from colleagues or other people; recalling and dwelling on how you were unjustly treated at a meeting because someone’s s suggestion was noted as ideal compared to yours.  When you are able to note these negative thoughts and attitude, know that you have become conscious of the condition of your inner space.  You are making progress in refining the quality of your emotions and you will find it easy to discard anything that derails you or will distance yourself from those who are not taking upward mobility.    

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Taking control: The meaning and analysis of apathy and sorrow!

Apathy is a feeling of hopelessness or exploitation. It is an emotional emptiness which robs a victim of motivation to change the situation for better. Sorrow is a deep emotional pain for loss of a loved person or to a lesser extent, a valuable property like a home. It is a state of mourning which cuts deep and in most cases produce depression. It is a state of ceaseless sadness.   

Apathy is common on those who are divorced because there is always a sense of loss of resources even though emotionally one may feel relief for moving from unhealthy relationship.  There is also a loss of self-worth because good marriage symbolizes social success for finding a common ground to live with a total stranger in peace.  A failed marriage therefore is seen as inability to manage relationships which is a primary need because humans are social beings as well as spiritual. The worst feeling is that of being exploited. In marriage you give yourself unreservedly and divorce is a revelation of exploitation of the most treasured resource – self.

Sorrow is an emotional feeling that reflects the negative thoughts concerning unproductive period in life which in reality says you are a failure.  Great harm occurs when you dwell in this state because you would likely resort to some form of substance abuse to numb the pain and create a false joy and peace.   

The most effective approach of dealing with sorrow is focusing on you as a spiritual being and not a social self.  From the spiritual perspective, apathy and sorrow denotes that you have moved from the Creator.  It says you are cut-off from life and this revelation will enable you to realize that you must immediately seek Him and reconnect.  Without the Creator, you are like a branch cut off from the tree and therefore dying.  Spiritually you will see yourself as intact because no one can reach you unless you are ignorant of self in this realm.  As a spiritual being you are always above physical circumstances; and a winner as long as you (a spiritual self) stay connected to your Creator by faith.  Your Creator is therefore not moved by your tearful kicking and screaming; only your faith in His ability to carry you over all storms will move Him never to let go of your hand.

Practically you who have just lost a husband or a fiance for an example, you need to shake off all self-pity because is the ego stuff that will take you deeper into remorse.  You must focus in the now.  In this state you will realize that the only thing that is in your power to change is you.  When this truth sets in, you will chart your new course and move on from the crossroads.  Clothes change how you feel; so go shopping and change your look.  Remember that each day is an opportunity to affirm your power and ability to start over.  

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Taking control: Regrets are fruits of quit!

Guilt is a function of a conscience. It is a negative assessment of actions or experiences that are regarded as not appropriate according to established social or spiritual standards.  It is a perpetual deep judgmental analysis of the past events which reflect negatively to self and cause you to lower your self-worth.

Self judgment is negative while self-evaluation is a positive analysis of activities and experiences which are meant to enable you to improve your knowledge or skills. It is acceptable to evaluate your actions so that you could weed-out those blemishes that do not support our goals, but should always seek to build a better you. The following are examples of destructive self-talk messages which end up with guilty conscience:
1.    I did not try harder to safe the situation!
2.    I am sloppy to maintain a desirable home for my husband; no one would have tolerated such disorganized environment!
3.    I was not empathetic to my spouse, remember he was abused and I could have been more forgiving for the assault I experienced.
4.    Marriage is sacred; I should have stayed and prayed more rather than left.
5.    I did not demonstrated love towards in-laws; I created a difficult situation for my spouse.
6.    I did not comply with the spiritual law which required that I love other people unconditionally.    
7.    I lost control over my own anger! It is my fault that my fiance broke the engagement.
8.    I am too clingy and called too often; I chased my fiance away. I overwhelmed him!  
9.    I am too independent; no man would like such a woman!
10. I was not careful about selecting a safe route; this is why I was ambushed and raped.

The list is endless. The point is; none of these should dwell in your mind as debilitating thoughts.  Yes it is natural to analyze actions that contributed to your situation; but you must learn to be objective so that such experiences would be positive learning points rather than the source of the feeling of condemnation.  For you to effectively cope with guilt you must establish what was really right and what was really wrong.   If somehow you felt you could have done better to defuse the situation or made better choices, it is a revelation experience which says you have learned from your mistakes and you to do better on similar cases in the future.  On reaching this conclusion, move from it! Let it be a positive point of reference a not a reminder of your inadequacy.

Let your conscience be a helpful mechanism that enables you to assess your teachable experiences and not a mean watchful pointer of your blemishes.  Guilty conscience can cause so much pain and stress to the point of blocking your ability to make decisions because you no longer trust yourself.  As soon as you discover that you are harboring guilt, you must stop immediately; if you cannot, get professional help!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Taking control: Meaning and analysis of the feeling of disgrace

Disgrace is a general deep feeling of the sense of humiliation. It denotes not fitting the worthiness that qualifies normal people. It manifests in total low self esteem which drives the host to act outside love due to the absence of positive energy.

Disgrace is better understood from the spiritual point of view.  Let me explain disgrace from the positive perspective: Grace is unmerited favor from your Creator.  It explains the nature and the magnitude of given positive natural and spiritual environment created for your general wellness.  Look at planet earth; it is the only one which has water, air, plants, minerals and all things you need to sustain your life.   Being aware of grace is the basic awareness of who you are and how you came to be.  It is a revelation that you are created by God and goodness is your nature.  Disgrace is the absence of this goodness and connection with the positive energy which means not experiencing the given good things that make you to want to operate from and stay connected in this life giving energy.

Disgrace is caused by living with condemnation due to something that happened and did not fit the societal moral code and or spiritual norm and therefore fall outside the guiding principles in the spiritual realm.  You are also a social being and anything that is not praiseworthy in terms of the community and societal standards is shameful.  For an example, a male child who is born outside marriage is not accepted to perform certain traditional rituals and this is a public rejection which cuts deep.   Such humiliation could take a nasty turn by way of making such a male person hate women to the point of becoming a serial killer of women.  Those who feel the pain of disgrace are not motivated to engage in good activities because they simply do not have that kind of energy.  Since they have very low self-worth; they are perpetually unhappy and generally shun good environment.

The effective remedial action for disgrace is finding spiritual connection with the Creator.  It is having a revelation and understanding that your parents and the community what judge you have very little to do with your existence.  Your are not an accident.  You are part of the Creator; this is why He knew you before you were conceived.  This fact enables you to realize that your parents are like a transport that brought you to plant earth and hence you were given their identity.  When you discover that you are a spiritual being like your Creator, you will stop seeing yourself in others.  You will realize that you are priceless in the eyes of your Creator; and defining who you are from any point of view would indicate serious ignorance of your identity.  You will actually perish if your see yourself as anything other than a spiritually being because you will seek to fall within the man-make definition other than the Creator who knows the number of your hair; and declared you His child and ambassador of His kingdom in this life.

Disgrace is living without the positive love-supporting energy of the Creator whose nature is life.  It therefore describes the general lack of spiritual fulfillment and existing in the dark world of life without the favor of the Creator.  

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Taking control: The light of consciousness breaks the burden of unconsciousness

Consciousness is being fully present, aware of your body processes. It is noticing the slight reactions of the impact of the environment especially when it shifts from positive to negative emotion. Unconsciousness is not being aware of your thoughts, their impact on your behavior and your response to your environment. 

Unconsciousness is not easy to detect because it is common to most people and therefore regarded as normal.  It is usually labeled by its visible impact commonly referred to people as cruel and unpleasant.  You may from this point on, notice how people react rather than respond to the issues at hand: Unconscious people are defensive and they are not even aware because they cannot pay attention to underlying motivation of their behavior.  They expect and see wrong things in others, and therefore are argumentative, judgmental, and not easy to please.  When you are in the company of an unconscious person, you are likely to experience general lack of positive emotion.  Because at sub-atomic level human beings are energy, you will catch this negative energy and it could stay with you until you consciously shake it off by engaging in something that you enjoy.

If you indulge in your past painful experiences, you will not be able to forgive those who caused or contributed to your pain. If you love to elaborate on your private thoughts of how you will fix your enemies, you will surely exude negative energy. The sad truth is that it is like drinking a poison yourself because your hurtful feelings will harm you and not the person you regard as an enemy.

The remedial action to snap out of unconsciousness is shutting the door of the past because you cannot undo any of the injustice.  It is a matter of making a decision because you can only control you and nobody else even if you have been truly treaded badly.  For your own sake, chose to forgive and move on.  The reality is that, when you bring your attention to now, you will experience general peace and love and deep feeling of satisfaction that you have power to transform your life.  When you stay in the past, you give your enemy power over your life and you are inflicting pain on you all by yourself by playing hurtful thoughts continuously in your mind.  Your life is now because you do not have anything other than the present; the future is unknown and is also out of your control.

The healthy approach to life is deciding to take control over your life.  You are a project in progress; and only your Creator knows the period within which you will cease to be.  When you are conscious of your own imperfection, is it wise to point a finger of blame at those who inflicted pain during your socialization?  No! This is why love and peace can only be lived now and be a torch that lightens the burden of your unconscious world. 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Taking control: Identify and address emotional pain

Emotional pain is accumulated negative experiences that live in your body and create a negative energy.  It thrives on perpetual negative thinking which affects the host’s perception about life, and manifest in general unpleasant behavior.  Unchecked, it leads the host to self-destruct.

From the day you were born you surely experienced some unpleasant things which have been archived in you unconscious mind.  As an adult it is your responsibility to audit your emotions.  There are only two types – good and bad emotions. You may think that you are a happy people-loving person until someone strikes a nerve and arouse shocking response which even you will be surprised. When that happens you must know that there is a dormant destructive emotional pain that lives with you.

Always remember that you cannot change anything you have not identified. The first step therefore is to pin-point your pain which could be one or a few of the following: Anger, resentment, hatred, guilt, jealousy, depression, self-pity; and others.  If you want to discover why you got it, you must be prepared to spend a very long time suffering because that is the function of mental profession.  I suggest you focus you attention in how you can heal your emotional pain.  Sometimes the answer is easy because you can remember the unfinished business that you swept under the carpet hoping that it will go away. The challenge is when the experience is locked in your unconscious mind and therefore not accessible for you to identify it. 

Healing an emotional pain requires you to engage your thoughts and desire to be happy in the present.  This means being aware that you are hurting.  For an example, if you generally find faults in people it could mean that you are harboring resentment because in childhood, you were not appreciated like other siblings and therefore you hated them or your parents.  It could be that you have been tolerating them and not celebrating anyone of them. The cover-up will blow if anyone of them or any person would dare point at any little flaw you have.  The bottled emotion will erupt in the form of exaggerated real negative response which will shock them, or any victim, even you; showing you that you must be aware that you are hurting.  When this happens, do not condemn yourself.  Regard that emotion as a foreign object that has occupied your body and can no longer live there.  This discovery will give your authority to watch this emotion without labeling or engaging in another pain such as self-pity or condemnation.  It will then be time to decide to forgive your parents and move on with your life.

Prolonged negative energy is the source of physical body pain such as cancer, high blood pressure and others.  You are a positive being because your Creator is Love and created you to function on positive energy.  Emotional pain therefore is like rust, which will sever the object to the point of breaking.  Be aware that you cannot move when you have this invisible anchor occupying your body.  It is your responsibility to identify and destroy your emotional pain if you are to move from the crossroads. 

Friday, 2 May 2014

Taking control: How often do you appreciate yourself?

The greatest achievement towards success is training your mind to appreciate you and your achievements. It is being pleased of your ability and discipline to undertake planned activities effectively within a set target period. It is admiring your inner motive which fuels you to perform to your best standards. Appreciating yourself is cheering every successful step towards shaping the new you. It is having faith and ensuring that you bring a disciplined new you as a supervisor of all planned activities. It denotes rebuking your old habits such as procrastination or not paying attention to details. Change is only permanent when you do not let your guard down. It is about undertaking your strategy seriously, noting the weak moments and avoiding half-heartedness. It is making sure that the initial criterion on your ability and skills you set maintains the upward mobility. Engage your imagination to maintain the high level of motivation. To achieve this you need to visualize a new you: An organized, powerful and highly motivated player of your own game. The good thing is that the mind is very good in creating reality out of nothing. I mean what you picture become real and will attract positive circumstances that accelerate your competence. When you applaud yourself, you become so full of positive energy that you have no choice but to succeed in all what you are doing. You become aligned to the law of harmonious attraction. Imagination is a function of the mind which aids your body to secrete the right hormones which increase the level of performance. In other words, when you visualize on the finished goal, you body acts as if you have already achieved the goal and create real positive energy. Speaking motivating words that complement your daily successes will positively persuade your unconscious mind to put your plan into action, thus helping you to reach your goal.