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Friday, 2 May 2014

Taking control: How often do you appreciate yourself?

The greatest achievement towards success is training your mind to appreciate you and your achievements. It is being pleased of your ability and discipline to undertake planned activities effectively within a set target period. It is admiring your inner motive which fuels you to perform to your best standards. Appreciating yourself is cheering every successful step towards shaping the new you. It is having faith and ensuring that you bring a disciplined new you as a supervisor of all planned activities. It denotes rebuking your old habits such as procrastination or not paying attention to details. Change is only permanent when you do not let your guard down. It is about undertaking your strategy seriously, noting the weak moments and avoiding half-heartedness. It is making sure that the initial criterion on your ability and skills you set maintains the upward mobility. Engage your imagination to maintain the high level of motivation. To achieve this you need to visualize a new you: An organized, powerful and highly motivated player of your own game. The good thing is that the mind is very good in creating reality out of nothing. I mean what you picture become real and will attract positive circumstances that accelerate your competence. When you applaud yourself, you become so full of positive energy that you have no choice but to succeed in all what you are doing. You become aligned to the law of harmonious attraction. Imagination is a function of the mind which aids your body to secrete the right hormones which increase the level of performance. In other words, when you visualize on the finished goal, you body acts as if you have already achieved the goal and create real positive energy. Speaking motivating words that complement your daily successes will positively persuade your unconscious mind to put your plan into action, thus helping you to reach your goal.