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Monday, 26 May 2014

Taking control: You can accelerate or sabotage your own goals!

The purpose of making goals is to channel your resources, daily thoughts and actions towards achieving your desire.  Goals help you to measure your fruitfulness within specified period.  They are fueled by your positive imagination and consistent momentum of planed activities.
How can you sabotage your own goals? The first and the most damaging factor is doubting your ability to undertake your own planned activities by asking other people for their opinions. The root cause of such action is the fear of failure, which is a form of low self-esteem.  The danger of any referral is that once any person point at another way of approaching your challenge, you will not be able to trust your own capability to reach your goal. Most importantly, the other person may water-down the most important and unique element of your goal.  Remember your goal points to your vision which is a spiritual matter between you and your Creator. 
The second common enemy is inconsistency which breaks the momentum and result in prolonged period of achievement.  Inconsistency is reducing the positive energy you need to keep the image of the finished goal alive hence maintaining your motivation to do planned activities with zeal.  Inconsistency denotes not being in full agreement with the whole of you – spirit soul and body. Let me explain! Your mind is part of your soul and together with your will, must work together with your spirit self to override issues of your physical self.  For an example, you mind must dictate to your feet to go to planned places and so that you can perform certain activities and not succumb to procrastination.
How do you accelerate your goals? You do so by believing that you are the only one who really knows what must happen and have unique skills and wisdom to achieve it.  You perfect your strategies by updating yourself as much as you would if you were undertaking a project at work or school and must note activities on order to brief your boss or supervisor on progress and challenges.  When you note down what you have achieved, you will also note bottlenecks and review the strategies accordingly.  Each time you make a correct move, you build your self-esteem and maintain your motivation to achieve the goal for your own personal growth.  Compare this satisfaction with the guilt of taking the glory for someone who had been dishing out guidelines. That would not allow you to grow and be confident to coach others.   

Be psychologically ready to get out of the box. For an example, you may need to meet other people you regard as higher than you to seek their stand through interviews in order to influence policy. Personal encounter in accelerating your own goal will add value to your character and your profile.  It will have a positive impact on how you view the world and your part in it.  When you flip, get up and keep moving! Never second guess your inner voice nor succumb to fear that could result in you altering the image of your finished goal!