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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Taking control: What to do when you feel negativity arise in you!

Negativity is an inner resistance manifesting in various forms of feelings as a mental reaction to the environment.  It is a foreign destructive energy which enters your inner space and do not conform to your true make-up as a spiritual being.

You will understand negativity better by first acknowledging that you are a spiritual being that has been, because you are part of the Creator who has been and is timeless and will not cease to be.   Secondly, that your material body is time bound and therefore destructible. Thirdly, that all pain could be blocked and neutralized and rendered non-effective. When you are aware of your power to live in peace because you have decided to fill your inner space with love, you will indeed know that the true you is a light and cannot co-exist with darkness.

When you feel negativity (irritation, impatience, depressed mood, resentment, judgment, grief, anger etc.) rising in you, learn to do the following in order to disarm or block it:
1.    Note the negative feeling and watch it without thinking about it. Thinking about the negative feeling will fuel it and strengthen it.  You succumb to negativity when you allow the mind to react to situations hence contribute to unconsciousness (absence of awareness of self). The function of the mind is to think and help you to make right choices and decisions.  When the mind engages in negative thoughts, it becomes your enemy and therefore must be stopped.  The rationale for watching your feelings is to empty the negative energy by deciding not to allow dirt in your inner space.  This will immediately weaken the negative emotion. You would have succeeded to overcome evil with good.

2.    Alternatively, you can drop a negative reaction by imagining yourself as transparent to the external negative factors.  See anything undesirable as going through you as it would if you are a hologram.  You can do this by applying compassion to all people and the negative situations they create.  It is similar to the philosophy that when you are driving, you must regard all drivers as reckless in order to be able to stay alert and ready to avoid accidents.  The rationale is to value your peace so much that you will not allow your ego to give any attention to negativity. You see, when you respond to negativity you are giving it your attention; which actually implies that it is important. If you allow yourself to engage in negative emotions, you nullify the positive energy within you and actually defile your inner space.  The question for anybody watching the scene is; are you different from a mad person who has lost control and the sense of reality? Reality exists in your consciousness; this is why you must hold onto it to retain your power.

You can succeed to take decisive steps into spiritual enlightenment when you know the truth because it will make you free.  The truth is that love should be your motivating factor, which douses any negativity wherever you are.  It is the only way in which you can be the light of this world and the salt that is able to spice any dull situation hence bring joy and peace in others.