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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Taking control: Forgiving others demonstrates personal growth!

Forgiveness is ability to observe and seek goodness in others.  It is a deep desire to offer and operate in love and overlook other people’s mistakes.  It is a higher notch of self control in which you seek harmony in people you interact with.
Forgiveness is one of the key principles of spiritual enlightenment without which you cannot attain the full measure of attributes of love. Love is mandatory for all humanity because it is the main ingredient of our make-up.  It is a positive regard of others without conditions.  This then explain why forgiveness is a key to your emotional health and condition upon which your spiritual growth thrives. 
When you do not let go of offenses it means you live in the past and therefore have chosen to live in bondage of negative energy.  Any normal person would prefer to be in control of thoughts that promote life and general wellness because love, joy, peace do exactly that. Negative thoughts and resulting negative emotions bring death because carriers end up with physical illnesses that include terminal diseases like cancer.   Forgiveness is a decision to view and assess offenses as low state of consciousness on the part of offender.  For you to demonstrate self-control and rise above offense means your ability to stay present and look at offense from the point view of compassion.
Forgiving others means regaining your power to maintain healthy inner space.  It is a liberating experience that brings calm and immediate joy. It reveals and confirms that you can only control you and not others.  Because it is a spiritual mandatory principle, it empowers you to stay connected with your Creator who said you must forgive your brother before you seek Him.  He said this to demonstrate that you simply cannot live with others without offending them one way or the other. When you surrender to imperfection of humanity, you allow yourself to have accumulated abundance of love which will override any evil and therefore leave you with some balance of love every time. 
The guiding principle in learning to forgive others is the fact that you learned from a lot of mistakes before you reach the place where you can overlook offense because success is the result of many failures.  Any person who offends you therefore is still learning and you can be a role-model and let your positive attitude win or succumb to unconsciousness and remain in a compromising position where both spiritual and physical death is imminent.  Your Creator is Life and forgives you for every offense. The enemy is the spirit of death that encourages you to remember year, day and hours when somebody offended you. The enemy whom you allowed to live inside of you will play this tape in your mind which will build up hate, and the host of negative emotions, until you die from broken heart.

Forgiveness demonstrates higher level of consciousness which is ideal personal growth.  It ushers you into self-control which is a fruit of the spirit; a real you! Everything starts with awareness, desire and then decision to maintain constant actions to stay on course.  This is what personal growth is all about!