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Monday, 10 October 2016

Taking control: How to spring-clean your mind!

Quieting the mind is a conscious effort to allow quality informations only!

The natural function of the mind is to process and store all information. Periodically a store requires spring-cleaning which is the activity of emptying it, tidying and re-organizing the contents with intention to remove clutter and create space for new things. The mind requires this exercise from time to time.

The rationale for spring-cleaning the mind!
The mind automatically classifies information and store. Life is dynamic and requires conscious effort to adapt to changes or develop coping mechanism. You have accumulated every life experience through your five senses, thoughts and feelings. Most of the information therefore became essential components of your beliefs and values which contributed to emotional hurdles and impacted on your social, spiritual, and emotional make-up. Spring-cleaning your mind is an audit exercise which intends to evaluate and correct your thinking system; thus weeding out false information you acquired during socialization process.

How to spring-clean your mind!
The following are recommended step of spring-cleaning your mind:
1.   Be conscious of the state of your mind because you can only effectively change what you identify as undesirable.
2.   Plan the exercise – the day and environments. Ensure that you do not get any disturbance.
3.   Start with fasting from food and further unconscious gathering of information such as watching the television. Quiet your mind.
4.   Select a comfortable space and position where you have a pen, paper, pair of scissors and a trash basket.
5.   Cut the minimum of ten pieces of paper and write any of the habits,
A lesson only you can decide to embrace...!
beliefs and values that require auditing. Example; anger, resentment, sadness, jealousy, laziness, procrastination, low self esteem, overeating,  Unforgiveness, etc  
6.   Take each piece and establish why you qualified yourself that way. Here you want to bring to your consciousness motivating thoughts, feeling and practice which you regard as unfavorable to you. For an example, procrastination could have cost you many unfinished projects which could have improved your profile.
7.   Take each piece of paper and tear it as you express your affirmation in changing the written flaw.
8.   After finishing the tearing of the things you consciously listed and established as undesirable to you, close your eyes and allow the closing of the ugly chapter to sink; searching your inner space as you breath-in deeply and expelling any remnants of bad energy that fed them.  
9.   Look at your physical environment; are you happy with accumulation of old clothes, household appliances that you do not use? Get up and put them in boxes to give them away as soon as possible.
10. Look at yourself; are you happy with your weight, hairstyle, dull complexion and sluggish feeling? Go to the mirror and declare what you want as if you have already achieved it regarding your ideal image. It is positioning yourself for expectation of magnificent outcomes. It is developing motivation to achieve that which you want by expressing your gratitude before you embark on creating the new-you!
11. Reward yourself with a long shower or bubble bath. Water has amazing capability to cleanse you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Express your gratitude throughout the cleansing process.
12. Prepare a light meal and eat slowly for the first time; appreciating a new and consciousness you have adopted to create your optimal life. Remember you are starting a new chapter of paying attention to details.
13. Sit down with a clean writing pad and label your goal-setting session with capital letters – ‘I am taking control of my life!’ Write your SMART new goals.
14. Conclude the exercise with thanks-giving meditation. This denotes reading your new goals and finishing each sentence with a word of gratitude – Example: ‘Thank you Lord for giving me another chance to become a whole person!’
Taking control of your life denotes exactly that. It is embarking on the process of conscious change of things that limit your ability to become successful in your given strengths. This exercise has liberated other people who engaged in it to burn bridges; never to go back and indulge in unfruitful accumulation of information that cluttered their minds. You owe it to yourself to change your life intentionally from your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Have you ever wondered the underlying reasons why we become forgetful over a period of our lives?