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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Taking control: How to find a missing success link!

Success is characterized by ability to achieve personal optimum life in all three categories that represent ideals of mankind; namely, relationships, wealth and health. Success is personal but impacts on others when they experience positive emotional state because of what they derive from your achievements.
Positive emotions as a missing link in attaining success!
One thing you learned from the inception of your being is engaging in intimate relationship with your mother first and then other members of your family. Intimacy in this context denotes total acceptance of another person without the need to alter behavior.  Absence of positive emotion due to withholding of emotion by those who socialize you often contributes to difficulty in being a peaceable person and developing skill to relate to others; accessing wealth because of negative energy which also results in poor health.  This block-laying phase is critical for future success because it is a basis on which you build and perceive your world.  In other words, positive emotions are keys that usher you in your vortex and keep you in this favorable environment that attract success.  Absence of the positive emotion whether you are conscious of it or not, is an anchor that renders your efforts futile. Whether you understand this or not, this natural law applies to you like it is the case with the force of gravity and the law of sowing and reaping.  Absence of positive emotion is like attempting to unlock a door which has a treasure you seek with a wrong key.
Significance of positive emotions versus logic in experiencing success!
Love is a missing link because it enables you to generate ideal positive vibrations necessary to experience success. The Creator ensured that mankind has this in writing; that without love you are, and have nothing.  He says He is love and has created you out of Him therefore love is who you are.  In the state of love you are compatible with the universe and have access to all its goodies. This analogy says logic alone cannot usher you in your favorable environment of success because you need positive vibration to be in your vortex, which readily attracts and make available, things you need and want.  Your vortex denotes a positive energy vibration which is a holding place for the best of all you aspire to access. It is a realm of source where your needs are accurately explained and provided for. Your positive vibration energy is a byproduct of intentional positive thinking wherein you purposefully allow positive thoughts to saturate your whole being and therefore dispel negative energy.  Negative emotions derail you and cause misalignment with this phenomenon that attracts success.  The role of logic therefore is to show you how to get and maintain your favorable place of success. The starting point is; if this is a ‘natural law’ it means it is happening without your knowledge or permission.  It is a part of the design that regulates access to success.
How to maintain alignment to success!
You access success through understanding that you are in control of staying in your vortex by choosing to engage and maintain the principle of unconditional positive regard for self and others. This means you must stop living in the past by rewinding your unpleasant experiences; and getting involved in current negative incidents through your thoughts, spoken words and actions. It means you do not judge people regardless of their behavior.
The greatest hurdle of being successful in building ideal relationships, accessing wealth and attaining optimum health, is walking away from your unpleasant past. It is choosing to rewire you mind to apply the logic of learning to love unconditionally hence stay connected with your higher source of being.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Taking control: How to get organized and improve your time management skills!

Time is the most important resource you require and must manage effectively in creating and maintaining relationships and wealth. It is an important factor in developing ideal habits that supports holistic wellness.
What is time management?
Time management is an ability to engage in planned activities and measure success within a given period.  It is being able to organize your environment and consciously, engage in planned activities to speed up momentum towards attaining your mission.  Time management enables you to define your daily planed activities in terms of the level of contribution towards your short and long-term goals.
Helpful technique of time management
You will notice that time is one factor you need to pay attention to because it highlights whether or not you are engaging in fruitful activities or not. Note that you can be busy everyday; doing irrelevant activities that will not yield any fruit.  Time management matrix is the most effective tool which will not only help you to develop supportive habits towards attaining your mission, but will organize your daily activities.  It will assist you to define your planned activities in terms of whether an activity is important or not important.   It also enables you to classify activities according to their level of urgency as follows:
1.    Important and urgent activities: Consist of activities such as your projects that must be done within specific time frame. Helps you to maximize your efforts on activities that directly accelerate achievement of your mission.  
2.    Important and not urgent activities: Recognizing new opportunities and preventing loss. For example matters that release the chain of operations to move such as finding a part-time job from home to generate additional income to pay off your mortgage.
3.    Not important but urgent activities: Activities that enable you to perform your functional responsibilities such as regularly checking and responding to emails to note scheduled activities that require your participation. Honoring your medical routine check-up appointment. Delegation is helpful for less important tasks such as buying basic food items so that you can stay after hours to do other pressing tasks.
4.    Not important and not urgent activities:  Recreation – watching a television and browsing the internet for unspecific purpose.
Benefits of using time management matrix
The benefits of applying time management matrix are to develop a critical mind about how you use your time, which will help you to be organized and utilize time efficiently and effectively by:
1.    Develop habits that increase efficiency in utilizing other resources, thus refining your efforts in practicing disciplined lifestyle.
2.    Articulating your short and long-term objectives hence help change your lifestyle to support your mission.
3.    Continuously measuring effectiveness of your strategic sub-goals.
4.    Identifying important personal growth needs that support long term goals.
5.    Identifying and unlearning habits that do not support your goals.
6.    Discard activities that are not important and not urgent.  
Time management is highly relevant toward successful attainment of person goals; without time factor, goals may remain good ideal on record. Timeframe allows you to review your short terms strategies and to be sensitive to low productivity. Time management matrix is an important tool that helps you define important activities; thus enabling you to change your habits to support purposeful lifestyle and manage other resources efficiently.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Taking control: How to maintain positive attitude when goals are not met!

A New Year could be a time of celebration for those who experienced some form of success towards their key personal goals. Some people on the other hand, undergo intense stress because of lack of progress in acquiring necessary resources.
Unmet goals and impact on a vision
Your annual goals are components of your vision and are measuring mechanism of your momentum towards a take-off stage. Yearly success generates a sense of fulfillment and pumps you with much needed positive energy.  I regard twelve month too short a period to evaluate success. It tends to be a reminder of the onset of aging and therefore lapsing life span. This is definitely not helping you to stay motivated nor inject positive energy toward achieving a vision.  You can however maintain positive attitude as follows:
1.    Operate in ‘seasons’ rather than calendar years. Our Creator operates in seasons and it is advisable to emulate Him for there is always wisdom in His ways.
2.    Review your vision with a purpose to evaluate your failed strategies. This is important.  You will surely see loopholes which will help you not to be disheartened, but engage in critical analysis of your activities; hence learn from your mistakes.  For example, it could be that you browsed through tutorial video instead of studying given steps of marketing your online business. You may find out that you did not utilize social media which would have improved your business because you have negative attitude about it and therefore know very little regarding its ability to generate online traffic.  So, your revised strategy will include developing open mind in order to explore new territories.
3.    Reconsider necessary resources: A vision is always bigger than your own personal resources because it is more than a project; it is meant to continue long after you pass on.  You cannot therefore have complete and all-inclusive sub-goals that will make your vision complete at a foreseeable future.  Since implementing a vision is a continuing activity, you will likely require a partner or a support of a few key people who have skills you do not have.
4.    Lack of focus on which steps to take: The internet is overflowing with advices on engaging in several jobs to be rich. While this is true, timing is important. Each newly established business needs your full attention during its teething stage like it is a case with a new-born baby.   The same applies in relationships: If your goal is to have two kids and you have just completed your Masters program; you need to find a suitable mate and not rush into marriage within a year of dating a seemingly nice girl because you are running out of time. Such approach is likely to bring calamity.

Your attitude will determine your altitude.  If 2014 did not produce desirable fruits, you need to go back to your vision and bridge the gaps without over-analyzing its strategies. Challenges expose you to think effectively about improving your situation; embrace them and regard them as stepping stones to your success. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Taking control: Personal growth goals – How to transform self limiting thought!

Personal growth goals are life compass which point to your desired destination.  They are mechanism through which you channel your motivation to undertake your daily planned activities; thus enabling you to acquire a sense of achievement within a predetermined period of manifestation of success. 
Personal growth goals in 2015
A New Year is celebrated in various ways globally and to many, it is regarded as starting a new chapter of life in which personal goals are reviewed and remedial measures are evaluated along with improved strategies.  All these point to personal growth efforts to shape and accelerate success from both social and economic perspectives.  Because whatever you did and will do in the future starts with thoughts, it is logical that you evaluate how you process information from thoughts and talk to implementation stage.  Most of us suffer from self-limiting thoughts which subsequently sabotage our good intentions to generate positive energy around our lives.  The purpose of this article is to help you to first be aware that you have been curtailing your success efforts through allowing self-limiting thoughts to crawl in and douse your dreams.  Secondly recognize limiting thoughts, and thirdly transform your life through continuous upgrading of your level of consciousness of your potential.
How to transform self-limiting thoughts
The following are self-limiting processing of information about self which lead to general low self regard:
1.   The feeling of not being enough: Is a result of socialization issues caused by constant negative correction of behavior and activities versus approval of the same and poor expression of achievements. It is a form of classical conditioning wherein you continue inflicting emotional degradation to the point of ripping yourself of any motivation to be daring or innovative.  When you become too obsessed with not failing you get what is in your mind - which is failing to have confidence in you.
Remedial action: Remember that you are unique and no other person could produce what you can. So, form a hedge of protection of your uniqueness and undiscovered talents that come with it.  Whenever you have an idea about starting a business for example; simply think it over and do it.  The chances are if you disclose the idea to someone you think you trust or admire, and it is beyond your hero scope of comprehension, it will be discredited or adjusted. Do not allow people to alter your dream.  You are the only one who could generate enough positive energy to bring it to fruition.  Go ahead and do it according to you!
2.   The feeling of not having enough resources:  The most important step here is to let go of the myth about money being the determining factor to start a business.  Yes it is important, but should not stop you to design your business at a level you are at. For example, think of a teenage boy who starts a car-wash business with a bucket of soapy water, two rugs, a brush and collecting pan.  He implements the car-washing idea and earns $5 in two hours. The idea did not depend on money, but money is definitely a necessary resource to grow the idea to fully automated car-wash business.
Remedial action: Go back to your drawing board and think of activity that can earn you money so that you can do what you really want to do! Avoid putting your ideas on hold; rather think of phase one (funds raising activity) which would finance phase two and subsequent businesses ideas.
Inclusion of non-financial factors in executing personal growth plans
For any idea to roll from thought to a real success, you need:
·        Conviction: Ensure that your faith in your ability is fueled by inner positive energy which in essence is more powerful than money. Conviction will generate ideal environment for other resources to multiply.
·        Persistence: Most of good inventions were spiced with many failures. Redefine failure as an opportunity to discover what not to do; and an opportunity to refine your thoughts!
·        Concentration: Your mind is capable of achieving most of your dreams; the sad truth is that you sabotage your plans through not being focused.
·        Application of other senses: Go beyond five senses to include feelings – intuition. Develop this inbuilt mechanism that will accurately tell you when you are running in your lane of success.

Personal growth goals are mandatory for fulfilled life. Without them your daily activities lack purpose.  It is the right time of the year to find a quite place to get stated by writing down your thoughts; always focusing on what you want to achieve and avoiding detailed strategies of how you will get there!