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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Taking control: How to get organized and improve your time management skills!

Time is the most important resource you require and must manage effectively in creating and maintaining relationships and wealth. It is an important factor in developing ideal habits that supports holistic wellness.
What is time management?
Time management is an ability to engage in planned activities and measure success within a given period.  It is being able to organize your environment and consciously, engage in planned activities to speed up momentum towards attaining your mission.  Time management enables you to define your daily planed activities in terms of the level of contribution towards your short and long-term goals.
Helpful technique of time management
You will notice that time is one factor you need to pay attention to because it highlights whether or not you are engaging in fruitful activities or not. Note that you can be busy everyday; doing irrelevant activities that will not yield any fruit.  Time management matrix is the most effective tool which will not only help you to develop supportive habits towards attaining your mission, but will organize your daily activities.  It will assist you to define your planned activities in terms of whether an activity is important or not important.   It also enables you to classify activities according to their level of urgency as follows:
1.    Important and urgent activities: Consist of activities such as your projects that must be done within specific time frame. Helps you to maximize your efforts on activities that directly accelerate achievement of your mission.  
2.    Important and not urgent activities: Recognizing new opportunities and preventing loss. For example matters that release the chain of operations to move such as finding a part-time job from home to generate additional income to pay off your mortgage.
3.    Not important but urgent activities: Activities that enable you to perform your functional responsibilities such as regularly checking and responding to emails to note scheduled activities that require your participation. Honoring your medical routine check-up appointment. Delegation is helpful for less important tasks such as buying basic food items so that you can stay after hours to do other pressing tasks.
4.    Not important and not urgent activities:  Recreation – watching a television and browsing the internet for unspecific purpose.
Benefits of using time management matrix
The benefits of applying time management matrix are to develop a critical mind about how you use your time, which will help you to be organized and utilize time efficiently and effectively by:
1.    Develop habits that increase efficiency in utilizing other resources, thus refining your efforts in practicing disciplined lifestyle.
2.    Articulating your short and long-term objectives hence help change your lifestyle to support your mission.
3.    Continuously measuring effectiveness of your strategic sub-goals.
4.    Identifying important personal growth needs that support long term goals.
5.    Identifying and unlearning habits that do not support your goals.
6.    Discard activities that are not important and not urgent.  
Time management is highly relevant toward successful attainment of person goals; without time factor, goals may remain good ideal on record. Timeframe allows you to review your short terms strategies and to be sensitive to low productivity. Time management matrix is an important tool that helps you define important activities; thus enabling you to change your habits to support purposeful lifestyle and manage other resources efficiently.