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Friday, 16 January 2015

Taking control: How to maintain positive attitude when goals are not met!

A New Year could be a time of celebration for those who experienced some form of success towards their key personal goals. Some people on the other hand, undergo intense stress because of lack of progress in acquiring necessary resources.
Unmet goals and impact on a vision
Your annual goals are components of your vision and are measuring mechanism of your momentum towards a take-off stage. Yearly success generates a sense of fulfillment and pumps you with much needed positive energy.  I regard twelve month too short a period to evaluate success. It tends to be a reminder of the onset of aging and therefore lapsing life span. This is definitely not helping you to stay motivated nor inject positive energy toward achieving a vision.  You can however maintain positive attitude as follows:
1.    Operate in ‘seasons’ rather than calendar years. Our Creator operates in seasons and it is advisable to emulate Him for there is always wisdom in His ways.
2.    Review your vision with a purpose to evaluate your failed strategies. This is important.  You will surely see loopholes which will help you not to be disheartened, but engage in critical analysis of your activities; hence learn from your mistakes.  For example, it could be that you browsed through tutorial video instead of studying given steps of marketing your online business. You may find out that you did not utilize social media which would have improved your business because you have negative attitude about it and therefore know very little regarding its ability to generate online traffic.  So, your revised strategy will include developing open mind in order to explore new territories.
3.    Reconsider necessary resources: A vision is always bigger than your own personal resources because it is more than a project; it is meant to continue long after you pass on.  You cannot therefore have complete and all-inclusive sub-goals that will make your vision complete at a foreseeable future.  Since implementing a vision is a continuing activity, you will likely require a partner or a support of a few key people who have skills you do not have.
4.    Lack of focus on which steps to take: The internet is overflowing with advices on engaging in several jobs to be rich. While this is true, timing is important. Each newly established business needs your full attention during its teething stage like it is a case with a new-born baby.   The same applies in relationships: If your goal is to have two kids and you have just completed your Masters program; you need to find a suitable mate and not rush into marriage within a year of dating a seemingly nice girl because you are running out of time. Such approach is likely to bring calamity.

Your attitude will determine your altitude.  If 2014 did not produce desirable fruits, you need to go back to your vision and bridge the gaps without over-analyzing its strategies. Challenges expose you to think effectively about improving your situation; embrace them and regard them as stepping stones to your success.