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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Concentration: The Secret Principle of Success!

Concentration will lead to success only when is focused
on the desired object
In this era of high technology, all urban dwellers are busy surfing the internet for the latest news, songs, research and reading messages or texting. The access to so much information would inherently increase our level of success. It is clear therefore that we have to discover the secret of success; which is concentration on the identified and desired object.

Defining the Principle of Success!
Success is achievement of desired plans. This denotes subjective view of the degree of mental concentration which has manifested into identifiable attainment of pre-planned object. It could be attained in all three aspects of life - wealth, health and relationships.

The Secret Principle of Concentration!
All that we see and contributed to desired environment originate as a thought and geminated following invincible natural laws of attraction otherwise called the law of love; the law of cause and effect and the law of growth. It is critical to note that the thought that composes your desire is energy and therefore vibrates. It is said that negative thought is significantly out-weighted by positive one in terms of content; and both are products of the mind. Any thought that is concentrated is similar to focusing a camera; it will produce clear image which in this context is liken to success and attainment of the desired object. This is explained by an analogy that any seed will grow if left alone to undergo the germination process under ideal environment. The key is learning that concentration that is accompanied by positive emotions creates harmonious environment for both the law of attraction and the law of growth to yield success. For practical purpose of changing your level of success, note the following:
1.   Clear the clutter of the mind. Through exercises such as meditation; learn to control the physical body and quiet the mind so that only ideal thoughts are permitted. This will greatly improve the ability to concentrate only on desired activities. Drop bad habits of allowing the mind to be anywhere other than present. Most of negative thoughts results when you entertain past hurts by rewinding the past incidents.
2.   Desire and develop positive mental attitude. Know the power of conscious and subconscious minds. Concentration of this desire will enable you to choose to engage only in positive energy regardless of circumstances. Meditation and affirmation will replace doubt with burning desire and passion to utilize the power within; it surpasses anything.
3.   Learn what concentration is, its power and why it ensures success. Focus of positive energy on the desired ideal will bring results. This means for you to attain desired goal the following must occur:
·        Have a strong desire to attain particular object.
·        Believe that which you want is accessible because if it existed in your mind it will abide by the natural laws to manifest, given adequate level of concentration. This means do not allow and entertain a particular desire today, another one tomorrow and a different one the third day. Be conscious of nothing but that which you want and do it diligently.
·        Exert necessary efforts which are byproduct of idealization and visualization of the desired object.
·        Maintain harmony. Please remember that you will reap what you sow. Positive thoughts will yield positive result. Lack of concentration will yield disharmony and are likely to allow negative energy in the form of strife, doubt, fear and other negative thoughts, words and actions.

As inhabitants of planet earth, we must understand its invincible laws that govern life, ecosystem and success in everything we aspire for. Nature is abundant and so we must be; the key is learning to surrender to harmonious existence to the law of love otherwise called the law of attraction; the law of cause and effect which determine our level of success on whatever we concentrate our efforts on. We experience lack because we allow our minds to sow undesirable seeds. The change lies with our conscious efforts to direct our minds through acquisition of knowledge, concentration, idealization and visualization of our ideals.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Taking control: The secret of starting over!

Starting over is a personal mission; one which requires
objective assessment of previous failures...! 

Starting over denotes a conscious decision to repeat something after acknowledging undesirable results. It includes objective analysis of factors used and identification of flaws and their root cause. It is a process of identifying the right key to open and access the given strengths meant to enable each person to reach optimal life.

The secret of starting over!
Repeated failure to obtain desirable results occurs when a person is unable to identify the root cause of such failure. This phenomenon has been associated with deep rooted issues of socialization which manifest as beliefs or values; thus subconsciously influencing behavior and decision making. What is a motivating factor for a person to start-over? Let us consider the three aspects which most people seek to attain optimal life:

1.   Seeking gratifying relationships: When you realize a repeated conflict with different persons; normally you will pause and ask yourself questions! The first one could be; how did the conflict start? The secret of starting over is responding to such questions objectively. Only when you start with self and truly search your deepest thoughts, feelings and your words to self and others will you identify your part in the problem. Starting over often delays when a person blames the root cause exclusively towards others.  In principle you will not change that which you have not identified as a problem. The solution is to embrace the responsibility to correct whatever hinders you to attain sustainable success in managing relationships. Only when you persistently seek success in developing behavior that is conducive to attracting others will you know if the solution is within the scope of your level of knowledge and or skill. Because you can only change you, it is prudent that you seek professional
Positive self-talk is a fuel for
 launching starting over! 
assistance to effectively empower yourself towards the desired change.

2.   Pursuing financial success: Most of us get caught in the dilemma of blaming the lack of current government policies towards jobs creation.  Yes, supportive policies could make economic climate favorable; nonetheless, the solution is said to be within each person for any situation. The best approach in the process of starting-over could be to pause and analyze if you have selected a career that aligns to your given strengths. From the spiritual point of view every person has a natural gift that is meant to be a catalyst in accessing wealth. Most people get to know about this fact after they graduate from school when they do not enjoy the job or fail to perform satisfactorily. Such truth says there is a need to start over. The exercise may require you to research on the contributing factors of some of your flaws for the purpose of understanding what to weed out or how to empower yourself in order to start-over.

3.   Attaining optimal health: It is said that statistically most people decide to start-over after near death experiences caused by lifestyle associated with poor diet. We are what we eat or do not eat. In principle food plays significant role in sustaining optimal health. With the abundance of freedom to choose from wide variety of food, most people do not have adequate information on the role of different food types nor pay attention why they experience minor discomfort like bloating, constipation, hurt-burn and other digestive system discomfort. Some react to overweight but are not aware of the contributing factors. Starting over on health related issues denotes acquiring information and positioning self for change.  Knowledge is power! For an example, the issue of blood type has raised awareness following observable results of people responding differently to a medical treatment of the same health condition. This affirms the need to research on the fact that some food support life while others contribute to illness.

The secret of starting-over is to examine the level of achievement in relationships, financial success and the good health. The process of starting over requires objective analysis of the underlying reasons for failure in a particular area. Starting over is giving yourself a new lease of life without condemning yourself. It is a fresh start to work towards success and systematically weeding out undesirable behavior and hurdles that retards efforts for success. Starting over is taking control of your life and unlearning bad habits to maintain upward mobility and moving from the cross-roads.    

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Taking control: How the New Year impacts on your personal goals!

You can choose to shut the door of the past failure and persevere in
finding that which you want...!

A New Year is globally recognized as the period which marks the end of the twelve month period wherein individuals reflect and evaluate the success and failures of their identified goals. A New Year encourages most people to measure how they utilized their resources.

 The rationale for evaluating personal goals before the New Year
Success and failure are determined by objective evaluation of the quality and quantity of resources acquired and expended over the period of twelve months. The New Year demarcates time and creates an important measuring tool through which one can shut the door and call it past and exit into another phase with hope for improved approach towards identified and desired goals. It also offers a time of refreshing and repositioning which enables individuals to weed out clutters and destructive habits which impact on such goals negatively.

How to evaluate personal goals for the New Year!
Any assignment you engage in requires evaluation to determine the success or failure. Life has four major components which normally drive people’s conscious and unconscious efforts towards meeting needs and wants. The New Year is globally identified as very important from personal and business point of view to determine how individuals impact self first and others in various social institutions and as a member of the wider world as follows:
1.    Self as a private entity: Helpful cues in evaluating successes and failures as you exit into the New Year include the following direct open questions:

a)   Did I achieve optimal life in relationships? Assessing the level of harmony and intimacy on the scale of 10 from self point of view, noting that change occurs only when you change. Success is determined by your conscious efforts on how you approach others. Do you seek to control or allow others to be as they are?
b)   Did I attain financial growth? Assessing the results of your efforts in acquiring money and other valuable assets that build wealth.
c)    Did I maintain healthy lifestyle? Did you maintain your current good health goals? Were you diagnosed with new illnesses? Did you improve habits that impacted on your health negatively?  
d)   Did I empower myself in a particular field of interest? Learning is a need that transcends the grave. As long as you live, it is mandatory to improve on the knowledge and skill necessary to attained desired goals.  So, what did you learn last year which will improve your New Year goals this year pertaining to one or all of the above three categories of life?

The biggest achievement is knowing that you are
 unique and only you know what you want!
2.    Self as part of the community and the world at large: Success is most acknowledged and satisfying to self when it impacts others. It can enable you to effectively influence others to emulate and improve on your own experiences of how you attain success directly or indirectly.  Ask yourself; Who in the wide world have I shared my knowledge or skill with that brought positive change between last and this New Year? Here we are referring to people you met at class, work, sports, church, community and the world at large. For example, whenever you post an article in your blog, website or social media page, you are surely affecting someone.  It is therefore noteworthy to consider how you may share your special gifts with others through writing, music, artifacts and any invention.

The self assessment exercise prior to the New Year denotes serious examination of the results of your life. It is an intentional search for evidence of success and failures in attaining established goals. Psychologically as you age, you also get fulfillment in realizing your fruitfulness in your given social and spiritual gifts. The evaluation enables a person to reflect and reposition self to attain better result within the next twelve months. This exercise could be so revealing that it allows you to be inspired by others successes too. On the other hand, others totally lose hope when they fail to attain their goals. Those who respond to failure positively, see it as a temporary setback requiring review of the strategy, information, special skills or seeking professional help like coaching to ensure that someone is there to cheer all the way in conquering challenging situations towards their identified goals.