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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Taking control: The secret of starting over!

Starting over is a personal mission; one which requires
objective assessment of previous failures...! 

Starting over denotes a conscious decision to repeat something after acknowledging undesirable results. It includes objective analysis of factors used and identification of flaws and their root cause. It is a process of identifying the right key to open and access the given strengths meant to enable each person to reach optimal life.

The secret of starting over!
Repeated failure to obtain desirable results occurs when a person is unable to identify the root cause of such failure. This phenomenon has been associated with deep rooted issues of socialization which manifest as beliefs or values; thus subconsciously influencing behavior and decision making. What is a motivating factor for a person to start-over? Let us consider the three aspects which most people seek to attain optimal life:

1.   Seeking gratifying relationships: When you realize a repeated conflict with different persons; normally you will pause and ask yourself questions! The first one could be; how did the conflict start? The secret of starting over is responding to such questions objectively. Only when you start with self and truly search your deepest thoughts, feelings and your words to self and others will you identify your part in the problem. Starting over often delays when a person blames the root cause exclusively towards others.  In principle you will not change that which you have not identified as a problem. The solution is to embrace the responsibility to correct whatever hinders you to attain sustainable success in managing relationships. Only when you persistently seek success in developing behavior that is conducive to attracting others will you know if the solution is within the scope of your level of knowledge and or skill. Because you can only change you, it is prudent that you seek professional
Positive self-talk is a fuel for
 launching starting over! 
assistance to effectively empower yourself towards the desired change.

2.   Pursuing financial success: Most of us get caught in the dilemma of blaming the lack of current government policies towards jobs creation.  Yes, supportive policies could make economic climate favorable; nonetheless, the solution is said to be within each person for any situation. The best approach in the process of starting-over could be to pause and analyze if you have selected a career that aligns to your given strengths. From the spiritual point of view every person has a natural gift that is meant to be a catalyst in accessing wealth. Most people get to know about this fact after they graduate from school when they do not enjoy the job or fail to perform satisfactorily. Such truth says there is a need to start over. The exercise may require you to research on the contributing factors of some of your flaws for the purpose of understanding what to weed out or how to empower yourself in order to start-over.

3.   Attaining optimal health: It is said that statistically most people decide to start-over after near death experiences caused by lifestyle associated with poor diet. We are what we eat or do not eat. In principle food plays significant role in sustaining optimal health. With the abundance of freedom to choose from wide variety of food, most people do not have adequate information on the role of different food types nor pay attention why they experience minor discomfort like bloating, constipation, hurt-burn and other digestive system discomfort. Some react to overweight but are not aware of the contributing factors. Starting over on health related issues denotes acquiring information and positioning self for change.  Knowledge is power! For an example, the issue of blood type has raised awareness following observable results of people responding differently to a medical treatment of the same health condition. This affirms the need to research on the fact that some food support life while others contribute to illness.

The secret of starting-over is to examine the level of achievement in relationships, financial success and the good health. The process of starting over requires objective analysis of the underlying reasons for failure in a particular area. Starting over is giving yourself a new lease of life without condemning yourself. It is a fresh start to work towards success and systematically weeding out undesirable behavior and hurdles that retards efforts for success. Starting over is taking control of your life and unlearning bad habits to maintain upward mobility and moving from the cross-roads.