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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Taking control: How to find a missing success link!

Success is characterized by ability to achieve personal optimum life in all three categories that represent ideals of mankind; namely, relationships, wealth and health. Success is personal but impacts on others when they experience positive emotional state because of what they derive from your achievements.
Positive emotions as a missing link in attaining success!
One thing you learned from the inception of your being is engaging in intimate relationship with your mother first and then other members of your family. Intimacy in this context denotes total acceptance of another person without the need to alter behavior.  Absence of positive emotion due to withholding of emotion by those who socialize you often contributes to difficulty in being a peaceable person and developing skill to relate to others; accessing wealth because of negative energy which also results in poor health.  This block-laying phase is critical for future success because it is a basis on which you build and perceive your world.  In other words, positive emotions are keys that usher you in your vortex and keep you in this favorable environment that attract success.  Absence of the positive emotion whether you are conscious of it or not, is an anchor that renders your efforts futile. Whether you understand this or not, this natural law applies to you like it is the case with the force of gravity and the law of sowing and reaping.  Absence of positive emotion is like attempting to unlock a door which has a treasure you seek with a wrong key.
Significance of positive emotions versus logic in experiencing success!
Love is a missing link because it enables you to generate ideal positive vibrations necessary to experience success. The Creator ensured that mankind has this in writing; that without love you are, and have nothing.  He says He is love and has created you out of Him therefore love is who you are.  In the state of love you are compatible with the universe and have access to all its goodies. This analogy says logic alone cannot usher you in your favorable environment of success because you need positive vibration to be in your vortex, which readily attracts and make available, things you need and want.  Your vortex denotes a positive energy vibration which is a holding place for the best of all you aspire to access. It is a realm of source where your needs are accurately explained and provided for. Your positive vibration energy is a byproduct of intentional positive thinking wherein you purposefully allow positive thoughts to saturate your whole being and therefore dispel negative energy.  Negative emotions derail you and cause misalignment with this phenomenon that attracts success.  The role of logic therefore is to show you how to get and maintain your favorable place of success. The starting point is; if this is a ‘natural law’ it means it is happening without your knowledge or permission.  It is a part of the design that regulates access to success.
How to maintain alignment to success!
You access success through understanding that you are in control of staying in your vortex by choosing to engage and maintain the principle of unconditional positive regard for self and others. This means you must stop living in the past by rewinding your unpleasant experiences; and getting involved in current negative incidents through your thoughts, spoken words and actions. It means you do not judge people regardless of their behavior.
The greatest hurdle of being successful in building ideal relationships, accessing wealth and attaining optimum health, is walking away from your unpleasant past. It is choosing to rewire you mind to apply the logic of learning to love unconditionally hence stay connected with your higher source of being.