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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Taking control: Seven ways to find the inner self!

Discovering self is the most ignored and yet important exercise which enables a person to describe who they are. Logic says you cannot effectively utilize nor nurture a product you do not know about.  Knowing self is exciting and leads to satisfying life.

Self Concept defined!

Self is a totality of a person’s perception of biological and social attributes which often are influenced by cultural beliefs and values inculcated during socialization.  This often skewed definition of self is tainted with emotional issues and learned defense behavior projected over time.

As an adult, you need to take a good look of who you are for the purpose of redefining who you would like to be. This is a serious business of re-writing your own life according to you and not persons who raised you.  The reason for doing this exercise is to let go of any emphasis of your weakness and embracing your strengths.

Ideal tool to find the inner self!

The first step to discover the inner self is to take a pen and paper and start writing whatever you can say about yourself. Let a week or two pass and then take personality test. I suggest you take Jung’s model because it is the most comprehensive for he addresses the whole person – consciousness and unconsciousness.  This aspect of analysis of self is important because it tends to describe the internal processes and overt behavior. It is particularly helpful because it is your internal being that is mysterious and affect observable behavior. The inner you is greater and more powerful catalyst of your values and belief system.

How to find the inner self

After the two weeks period of writing who you think you are, you can objectively respond to Jungian Theory based personality test.   The following steps highlight important aspects of discovering the inner you:

1.   Take Jungian personality test: The test covers your careers and occupations that are suitable for you. It could extend to providing pointers to a suitable long-term relationships partner. The latter is very important because you would rather avoid incompatible partner regardless of other trimmings that may attract you such as material possession or high social status.
2.    Evaluate what you have been doing: Take the test information seriously and sort out the discrepancies with your own write-up. While it is true that nobody knows you better than you, remember that it could be that you are classically conditioned to think in a particular way intentionally or unintentionally by your parents, and other social institutions.  
3.   Act on your strengths: If you discover new traits, engage on discovery exercises to experience them. For example, if you find out that that you are a writer and a counselor and to your amazement you display outspokenness traits yet you also tend to enjoy your own company; research this and make sure you find a professional help if necessary.
4.    Choose a mentor: Jungian model personality test list famous people of your type; it is therefore possible to understand some of your mysterious traits from others. You may also decide to choose a mentor to be inspired to venture in some new territories.
5.    Meditate on who you aspire to be: You become what you think.  For you to shed the old self and allow the new you to emerge, you have to take action and replace the old habits with new ones.  The best way to achieve this is through meditation. Daily affirmation of what you want to be; speaking success over your life will surely boost your self confidence.
6.    Make-over: Change your image. Chose suitable hair style and shape up your flab to gain that executive look which redefines you as a person of substance.
7.    Design your continuous empowerment program: Following the personality test, you know where you are and where you could be. You have a totally new perception of what you need to reach your optimum life. For an example, if you thought you like writing and you limited that to your current job.  Think outside the box!  Write short stories for children and discover the creative child in you. Write a poem; it could release some of the hidden issues as you pour out your feelings as a fictitious character.  
Learning transcends the grave. Life does not happen to you; it is what you make of it.  Our individuality is within and only when you seek, will you find exciting capabilities. When you are equipped with this knowledge you are able to acts on your inspiration for better quality of life. Remember, you are a co-creator of your life!