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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Taking control: Have you moved from the cross-roads?

Life is a journey and has valleys that often stretches your faith and need added physical and spiritual energy. Cross-roads are life-rivers that you must cross and mountains you have to face and conquer.  There are incidents that require life changing decisions which I refer to as your cross-roads.
Assessing your cross-roads score in 2014
Self evaluation is a basis on which you measure your personal growth. It follows therefore that you note why you have not reached your goal, and must identify the underlying reasons for you failure. If had written your goals down, it would be easy to go back and read them objectively. It is also important to update activities you engaged in and how much time you invested so that you could rationally evaluate the nature of your challenges. Some people dislike this exercise; but it is critical that you see it as valuable gauge that inform you about the resources you need to get to your destination.
 We all have goals pertaining to relationship, financial prosperity and improving our health. Other important aspects that need upward mobility are your spirituality and improving your professional profile. Let us highlight your progress on the scale of one to ten, regarding common ground in which most people seek:
1.   Relationships: How far have you progressed in bridging the gap with your spouse and or partner, children and colleagues? For example, perhaps you have been working on supporting your spouse or and your company partner without trying to change them. It could be that you are a student; you are overwhelmed by your parents for not being ready to parent you as a teenager!
Solution: As a spouse you have to learn about unconditional love and the difference of controlling versus supporting other people? As a parent, learn to coach rather than be a military commander!
2.   Financial prosperity: Have you started your own business? If not why? For example you need to plan your day so that you can list activities towards your goals and still honor the recommended six hours sleep.
Solution: Have you considered registering for part-time course to conquer the fast changing technology so that you can fully utilize the internet?
3.   Optimum health: You noticed that you have weight challenges because you like starch and sweet foods. You have not passed the challenge yet you know the consequences.
Solution: You know you cannot sweep the dirt under the carpet any longer; you must face your mountains! Ask yourself! What gap am I filling with food?
4.   Career development: You know that you must register for masters program to be able to qualify for managerial position. You postponed this for the last two years. What exactly is your problem?
Solution: Write down the benefits of improving your academic background and place them where you can read them at least twice a day. You have to convince yourself and there is power in repetition!
5.   Spiritual growth: The paradox of life is this: Fulfillment is attainable in the spiritual realm because you are a spiritual being with a soul living in a body.  If you have no idea what this statement of fact means, you have to start to research on the concept because this is where you must begin to attain everything mentioned above.
For you to make progress on life journey you have to make decision to keep on going and trusting on your gut feelings. The greatest injustice you can ever do is failing to make decision to move from challenging situations. Camping at cross-road is allowing the fear of unknown or failure to keep you in your own prison. Consider failures as stepping stone that enables you to enlarge your social and financial intelligence.