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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Taking control: Personal growth goals – How to transform self limiting thought!

Personal growth goals are life compass which point to your desired destination.  They are mechanism through which you channel your motivation to undertake your daily planned activities; thus enabling you to acquire a sense of achievement within a predetermined period of manifestation of success. 
Personal growth goals in 2015
A New Year is celebrated in various ways globally and to many, it is regarded as starting a new chapter of life in which personal goals are reviewed and remedial measures are evaluated along with improved strategies.  All these point to personal growth efforts to shape and accelerate success from both social and economic perspectives.  Because whatever you did and will do in the future starts with thoughts, it is logical that you evaluate how you process information from thoughts and talk to implementation stage.  Most of us suffer from self-limiting thoughts which subsequently sabotage our good intentions to generate positive energy around our lives.  The purpose of this article is to help you to first be aware that you have been curtailing your success efforts through allowing self-limiting thoughts to crawl in and douse your dreams.  Secondly recognize limiting thoughts, and thirdly transform your life through continuous upgrading of your level of consciousness of your potential.
How to transform self-limiting thoughts
The following are self-limiting processing of information about self which lead to general low self regard:
1.   The feeling of not being enough: Is a result of socialization issues caused by constant negative correction of behavior and activities versus approval of the same and poor expression of achievements. It is a form of classical conditioning wherein you continue inflicting emotional degradation to the point of ripping yourself of any motivation to be daring or innovative.  When you become too obsessed with not failing you get what is in your mind - which is failing to have confidence in you.
Remedial action: Remember that you are unique and no other person could produce what you can. So, form a hedge of protection of your uniqueness and undiscovered talents that come with it.  Whenever you have an idea about starting a business for example; simply think it over and do it.  The chances are if you disclose the idea to someone you think you trust or admire, and it is beyond your hero scope of comprehension, it will be discredited or adjusted. Do not allow people to alter your dream.  You are the only one who could generate enough positive energy to bring it to fruition.  Go ahead and do it according to you!
2.   The feeling of not having enough resources:  The most important step here is to let go of the myth about money being the determining factor to start a business.  Yes it is important, but should not stop you to design your business at a level you are at. For example, think of a teenage boy who starts a car-wash business with a bucket of soapy water, two rugs, a brush and collecting pan.  He implements the car-washing idea and earns $5 in two hours. The idea did not depend on money, but money is definitely a necessary resource to grow the idea to fully automated car-wash business.
Remedial action: Go back to your drawing board and think of activity that can earn you money so that you can do what you really want to do! Avoid putting your ideas on hold; rather think of phase one (funds raising activity) which would finance phase two and subsequent businesses ideas.
Inclusion of non-financial factors in executing personal growth plans
For any idea to roll from thought to a real success, you need:
·        Conviction: Ensure that your faith in your ability is fueled by inner positive energy which in essence is more powerful than money. Conviction will generate ideal environment for other resources to multiply.
·        Persistence: Most of good inventions were spiced with many failures. Redefine failure as an opportunity to discover what not to do; and an opportunity to refine your thoughts!
·        Concentration: Your mind is capable of achieving most of your dreams; the sad truth is that you sabotage your plans through not being focused.
·        Application of other senses: Go beyond five senses to include feelings – intuition. Develop this inbuilt mechanism that will accurately tell you when you are running in your lane of success.

Personal growth goals are mandatory for fulfilled life. Without them your daily activities lack purpose.  It is the right time of the year to find a quite place to get stated by writing down your thoughts; always focusing on what you want to achieve and avoiding detailed strategies of how you will get there!