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Monday, 1 December 2014

Taking control: How gratitude affect your health, wealth and relationships!

Gratitude is a lifestyle of appreciation wherein you choose to see good in you first, others and what life has offered. Gratitude positively affect your health, wealth and relationships and therefore is worthy of your attention to learn in order to change your life.
How gratitude impact your life positively!
Gratitude is one of the learned behaviours of people who seek spiritual enlightenment; the state of being aware of the values of the positive mind.  It is therapeutic in the sense that it maintains happiness which reverses illness like cancer.  Gratitude supports holistic wellness as follows:
1.      Wealth
·        It attracts wealth.  Grateful people get excited when they engage in business and they position themselves to succeed.  They have great tenacity to pursue their goals; as a result they increase their positive vibration towards attracting people and incidents that supports wealth.
·        It enables celebration of occurring incidents. Naturally positive emotion wears off within a short period. This emotional state could be greatly improved when appreciation is applied and result in keeping the emotion of the moment alive through daily affirmations. For an example, the euphoria of a new car will stay alive when you appreciate its benefits daily as you use it; thus allowing your state of joy to extend into the near and distant future.  
2.      Health
·        It blocks negative emotions.  Gratitude is a positive emotion which supports life.  Grateful people do not harbour negative emotions like anger, resentment and regrets because their philosophy is based on focusing on positive thinking.
·        Enables stress resilience.  Those who practice gratitude overcome traumatic experiences because they tend to find good in unpleasant situations.  For example, rather than engaging in road rage, it is ideal to be grateful that you avoided accident which could have caused bodily harm or damaged your car.  It has been proven that even when injured, grateful people recover faster because they appreciate life.
3.      Relationships
·        Readily forgives.  Relationships have a common hurdle – inability to let go offences. We all have relationships and because we are not always present to avoid engaging in negative thinking, we fail to maintain peace.
·        It lowers absenteeism in schools.  According to studies, students who were introduced to and practice gratitude had improved grades because they learnt to appreciate their teachers and have learned to be self-directed.  They tended to realize and appreciate that teachers spend hours preparing for lectures and marking assignments.
·        Supports environment.  Spiritually enlightened people understand the creation and their role to nurture the nature. They are aware of the gift of life and the need for mankind to co-exist with other species.
Gratitude is a practice of pure love hence is an ideal for holistic wellness.  It opens doors for success in wealth through increased vibrations. It improves relationships because it block negative thinking and encourages unconditional acceptance of self, others and environment.  The physical body operates at optimum level when is saturated with love which is demonstrated by gratitude.