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Friday, 28 November 2014

Taking control: Optimize decision-making skill through critical thinking!

Decision-making is a part of the results of functions of your brain which enables you to quickly internalize a matter at hand and figure out the best way to handle it.  You have been wired to make decision, but you have to learn how to develop and utilize this through informal, non-formal and formal education.
How critical thinking can improve the quality of your decision!
Decision –making is the most water-downed ability yet it is a mechanism that could make or break your life.  You make choices after analysing the situation. The most empowering concept of rationale thinking is critical thinking.  It is defined as the art of analysing and evaluating the matter at hand with a view to find the most ideal direction,  thus ensuring that your thought are clearly reasoned out to enable you to identify values, benefits and consequences in any given situation.   Critical thinking is an empowering concept which steers your mind from auto-pilot mode to understanding underlying motives for your thoughts, words and actions.  Let us discuss the benefits of critical thinking as empowering self-development approach:
Self-directedness: This is an ability to shed off undesirable behaviour the does not support your identified goals. What I mean is that often children are socialized to follow what their parents and or guardians desire of their future and may miss the opportunity to find their social and spiritual.  Consider the following self-talk which applies guiding questions to get to ideal decisions:
·        Nobody really knows what I want in life except me. So, I must assess what my parents and other authorities in my life influence my behaviour.
·        I want to be a doctor and anything else should support that burning desire.  I therefore will not engage in a sexual relationship that could possibly bring pressure regarding married before I graduate! 
·        I got divorced, but I can start-over and build my future just the way I want it! I must not react but respond to my real me! Who am I anyway (strengths and weakness)? Why am I here for? How can I find my purpose in this life (where do I start)? What resources do I need?
Self-disciple: Some children go wild when they leave home for college because they feel they were living a restricted life.  Critical thinking would enable you to set ideal morale standards for yourself:
·        I am away from home; and I can now demonstrate to myself that I want to live and achieve my goals.
·        I can now eat what I want but I must improve on what my mother dictated!
·        I need to improve my grooming because it is part of the self-esteem activities that will project my private and public image.  Exercises will enhance my body shape; I will therefore adopt this as part of grooming!
Self-monitoring:  This is critical action for maintaining self-awareness and high level of integrity.  What I speak and do reveal the nature and quality of my thoughts.  So, I will learn concepts that confirm that I am accountable to my words and will adhere to my identified values.
Self-correction: I have in-build effective mechanism called conscience which tells me when I am about to do something wrong.  I will synchronize my inner self and mind to monitor my social ethics and integrity and will make this part of my affirmation!
Your values content (information) becomes a light that illuminate your environment when you practice them.  You came alone in this planet and you are accountable to your own life! Critical thinking enables you to monitor the underlying reasons for your thoughts, and decisions; thus securing well thought choices.