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Monday, 17 November 2014

Taking control: Learn to be compassionate and not judgmental!

Learning to be compassionate is one of the first principles of spiritual enlightenment because its root is love. Compassion empowers you to run in a positive lane wherein negativity is banned. It is a state of humanity that complies with the law of love that governs the whole creation.
The principle of compassion defined!
Compassion is a value which enables a person to assume an ideal state of seeking to apply unconditional positive regard to all people even to unlovable ones. Unlovable people are those who are generally unconscious and may not even be aware that they are negatively charged and bring the worse behavior in other people.  Compassion seeks to see the good in other people and always find ways to bring the best self first and in others.  It starts with deep determination to focus on identifying own strengths in order to increase and maintain the positive energy so that it could be the light that illuminate even the darkest environment.  
The values of being compassionate!
The value of being compassionate is ability to attract positivity in your life because you have saturated yourself with so much positive energy that you:
1.    Attract positive resources such as people who could offer you knowledge or skill or connect you with influential people who could speed up your identified goals.
2.    Get ushered in favorable situations that qualify you and position you to overcome any hurdles that could derail or curtails your progress.
3.    Focus on spiritual growth that ensures connectivity with the Higher Source wherein you access deeper wisdom and knowledge of your purpose, which brings personal fulfillment and intrinsic motivation to continue to pursue good.  
How to be compassionate!
You cannot give what you do not have! The first step is to identify if you have a potential to be a compassionate person:
1.    On a scale of 1 to 10 how often do you ‘catch’ yourself describing yourself with negative words? How often do you do the same to other people?
2.    Recall your childhood environment and try to describe it as objectively as possible; writing down happy and unhappy incidents and the people in them.
3.    Recall your attitude towards your teachers in various stages and how you view their inputs in your life and write down short sentences so that you do not get caught in cover-up sentences that confuse you in assessing how you really feel.
4.    Generally, are you introvert or extrovert person? How do people affect you generally?
5.    What is your attitude about the role of people in your life currently?
6.    What is your desire regarding your relationship with other people?

Helpful tips about developing compassionate attitude!
1.    The guiding principles of ideal life are to love your Creator with all your heart and to love others as yourself! If you do not know how, consider finding out who you are and you will learn that your Creator is love and you have potential love because you are made in His likeness!
2.    If mankind is energy, it means the other person is also energy and therefore if you project negative energy you are harming yourself. 
3.    You are what you believe!  If you see yourself as loving, powerful and seeking to empower others into being compassionate, you have found a way of life that honors your Creator whose mission is to not judge you, but love you unconditionally.  The starting point is seeking your true identity as a spiritual being whose Creator is a Spirit and therefore become aware that compassion is a spiritual function and being judgmental in not who you are.
You take control of your life when you stir yourself from the deep sleep of unconsciousness and engage in learning about your true identity.  You cannot become your best self when you do not even know your make-up.  Mankind is a powerful being because he resembles the Creator of the whole universe which you are part of.