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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Taking control: Why you do not succeed to achieve your goals?

Parents make tentative goals before they have children and continue to anticipate their success throughout their various childhood developmental stages. Children establish their dreams early in life too; but do we all achieve what we aspire for?
Principles of success and hindrances!
Success is not adults’ subjects; some prosperous people charted their lives when they chose careers.  If you are an adult and only now are seeking to build your financial muscles, you could likely engage in frantic trial and error approach because you pursued a wrong academic career.  You are generally experiencing dissatisfaction and struggling financially.  Let us consider the following principles of success and note where you lost your direction:
1.   Identifying your vision through personal strengths.  We all become aware of what subjects we like and pass well especially in primary education. Ideally parents should be aware of this and be in a position to explain possible career for such subjects.  This early charting of one’s career enable one to focus on personal development and seek to gain deeper knowledge of what is required to climb the professional ladder.

Unsuccessful people have no vision and therefore have no pointers of what direction to take.  They engage in trial and error and therefore waste time trying to find career after they completed higher learning program.

2.   Regard time as valuable.  In principle, daily chores must be done as scheduled and leave room for tomorrow’s incidentals. Procrastination further shortens chances to find personal strengths in order that you could engage in continuing adult education to gain knowledge and skills in identified career field.

Unsuccessful people stay longer in denial to realize that they are unable to gained financial success.

3.   Face challenges and seek solutions. Failure to take immediate action denotes creating a situation that could be blamed for being unsuccessful. 
Unsuccessful people like to blame others and shift their responsibility for working on their success.

4.   Every person has a given talent to build a future from.  This therefore says no one except mentally retarded people needs permanent help from others.
If you have not identified your talents it means you have not yet identified your passion which will point to your strengths. This means you are lukewarm about life and therefore you cannot attract any helpful resources. Remember you reap what you sow!

5.   Regard failures as stepping stones to success.  Keep open mind to learn from mistakes.  A mistake is missing a target and becomes a learning experience when you analyze what and how you missed. The key to success is not being judgmental to yourself or anybody; just keep updating yourself with new knowledge and skills!

While it is ideal to identify your talents early in life, it is never too late to get back on your planning board and chart your life.  Being successful starts with your mindset.  Believing in yourself is very important because it energize you to let go of the fear of failure and place you in a favorable position to regard each day as an opportunity to gain momentum towards reaching your goals.