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Monday, 24 November 2014

Taking control: How do you know that you believe in yourself?

Believing in self is an inborn empowering value, which was destroyed through socialization from birth and limited your ability to discover and identify given talents. This was done when your parents prohibited you and instilled fear when you undertook daring stances in your attempt to discover your environment.
Guiding principles to check whether you believe in yourself!
You may think this is not an issue in your life; nonetheless I encourage you to keep an open mind and walk with me to check and verify that you do believe in yourself:
1.   What is your relationship with yourself?
Your answer should show whether you are a positive person who accept self as is.  It also should enable you to identify your personal goals and challenges in meeting them.  The thinking process should recall moments when you stopped from pursuing that which you believed in, because you judged yourself as being over-zealous. You probably closed the door which could be leading to you ideal future.  The antidote for such an attitude is identifying successful people and learning from them.  You must also take a break when you need one.  Learn to listen to your body and nurture it instead of stressing it.
2.   Seek optimum lifestyle – Adopt good habits!
Because you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you must adjust your goals to be achievable. Often people fail to achieve anything because first, they have not identified given talents and build their goals on them. Please note that you have something good, which you are able to do with ease and is meant to sustain you in this life.  Start with discovering what your physical body needs; do the basic.  What emotional issues are you battling with? Are you a happy person? If you harbor anger; deal with it! Seek professional help; anger drive away people and you need people to take upward economic mobility! It would also help if you could recognize yourself in others.  For example, there is someone you know who has a good voice and speaks well and use that gift to swear and sing at local shabin. There is also someone who likes ports, who did not finish college but is a millionaire because is a professional soccer star!  Do not put yourself down and make sure that you listen to criticism objectively.  Do not procrastinate in finding solution to your challenges; it helps to find a mentor who could walk with you to your success!
3.   Build a better you!
After finding answers on who you are, make conscious decision to build a better you! This means you identified how your behavior is less than ideal and sometimes could recall your childhood environment.  It is time to engage in shaping yourself according to you and not blame your parents for both inherited and acquired behavior.  Here you must be guided by positive attitude to yourself; love yourself unconditionally! Take care of yourself; grooming is very important to support your self-confidence building decisions. Do things that challenges your mind; there is a life-changing sense of achievement when you get on top of your mountain.  Note your insecurities and ensure that they do not become anchors.  If they curtail your progress towards your goals, seek help! This means you remove excuses so that you maintain your forward momentum.

You are taking control of your life when you do not dwell in anything that could hinder your efforts towards a better life.  It could be that you are a genius trapped in socialization and other societal norms and belief systems that created fear in you.  Step out of the box; life is what you make of it!