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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Taking control: Meditation is a key for success!

Meditation is a deliberate deep thinking and contemplation of the end result of the desired change.  It involves weighing up of the positive succession of planed activities towards the goal.  It is propelled by application of faith that is congruent to the positive mind energy.
Positive change comes through focusing on the desired goal all the time.  It is having the central thought that encapsulates the identified need and is kept alive by keeping it at conscious level.  It denotes the first thought when you wake up and the last when you dose and fall asleep.  From the spiritual point of view you need to align yourself with the guidelines provided by your Creator on how you must meditate:
1.    He has thoughts of good health and prosperity and wants your meditation to include Him because He is able to meet all your needs according to His riches.  Let me explain! The Creator has provided all that you will ever need to have good health, social and financial prosperity. Most of us struggle to access these because we do not know how to align our minds to that of the Creator and take appropriate actions to have what we want.
2.    Without the Creator you are like a tree that has fallen off, and soon dies.  If you understand that you indeed need Him because He gives you things you take for granted like breathing and provision of water and food, you will realize how real your Creator is.  You will also discern how able He is to coordinate and give you wisdom to achieve your goals.  He regards those who acknowledge His ability as being like trees that are planted along the river and therefore never withers.  It is indeed so! The earth was created to provide mankind’s needs and wants.
3.    Meditation requires positive attitude!  It is fueled by positive energy that is revealed by how you relate the Creator and other people.
4.    Meditation is effective when it is energized by your confidence that you are able to get what you want because the Creator has given you ability to create wealth. It is important to note that poverty is a curse and the Creator loves you more than you will ever imagine.  When you meditate about this, you will get a revelation of how much it is so!  
5.     Through meditation you will get a revelation of how your mess has become your ministry! Your mess is a wrong reaction to your situation which does not bring any positive change.  You ministry is a lesson you have learned out of your undesirable response to challenges.  You can only rectify bad situation with your positive actions hence conform to what the Creator wants. He says believers are those who minister to others with their actions. Such are the light and the salt of this world. For an example, if you are living with anger, you are outside the arena of favor from the Creator simply because He is Love.  It is His condition that when you meditate you must let go of negative energy so that you can align to His power to see good in others through Him; thus finding something to love in unlovable person who caused your anger.

Positive change only comes through surrendering any resistance by accepting what is. I am not saying you must give in to undesirable conditions because that is a negative attitude. I am referring to your conscious decision to acquire and embrace a lot of positive energy - love, faith hope and confidence – so that any challenges you meet will leave you with a balance. Meditation is ability to align the whole you – spirit, soul and body - with the Creator.