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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Taking control: The light of consciousness breaks the burden of unconsciousness

Consciousness is being fully present, aware of your body processes. It is noticing the slight reactions of the impact of the environment especially when it shifts from positive to negative emotion. Unconsciousness is not being aware of your thoughts, their impact on your behavior and your response to your environment. 

Unconsciousness is not easy to detect because it is common to most people and therefore regarded as normal.  It is usually labeled by its visible impact commonly referred to people as cruel and unpleasant.  You may from this point on, notice how people react rather than respond to the issues at hand: Unconscious people are defensive and they are not even aware because they cannot pay attention to underlying motivation of their behavior.  They expect and see wrong things in others, and therefore are argumentative, judgmental, and not easy to please.  When you are in the company of an unconscious person, you are likely to experience general lack of positive emotion.  Because at sub-atomic level human beings are energy, you will catch this negative energy and it could stay with you until you consciously shake it off by engaging in something that you enjoy.

If you indulge in your past painful experiences, you will not be able to forgive those who caused or contributed to your pain. If you love to elaborate on your private thoughts of how you will fix your enemies, you will surely exude negative energy. The sad truth is that it is like drinking a poison yourself because your hurtful feelings will harm you and not the person you regard as an enemy.

The remedial action to snap out of unconsciousness is shutting the door of the past because you cannot undo any of the injustice.  It is a matter of making a decision because you can only control you and nobody else even if you have been truly treaded badly.  For your own sake, chose to forgive and move on.  The reality is that, when you bring your attention to now, you will experience general peace and love and deep feeling of satisfaction that you have power to transform your life.  When you stay in the past, you give your enemy power over your life and you are inflicting pain on you all by yourself by playing hurtful thoughts continuously in your mind.  Your life is now because you do not have anything other than the present; the future is unknown and is also out of your control.

The healthy approach to life is deciding to take control over your life.  You are a project in progress; and only your Creator knows the period within which you will cease to be.  When you are conscious of your own imperfection, is it wise to point a finger of blame at those who inflicted pain during your socialization?  No! This is why love and peace can only be lived now and be a torch that lightens the burden of your unconscious world.