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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Taking control: Identify and address emotional pain

Emotional pain is accumulated negative experiences that live in your body and create a negative energy.  It thrives on perpetual negative thinking which affects the host’s perception about life, and manifest in general unpleasant behavior.  Unchecked, it leads the host to self-destruct.

From the day you were born you surely experienced some unpleasant things which have been archived in you unconscious mind.  As an adult it is your responsibility to audit your emotions.  There are only two types – good and bad emotions. You may think that you are a happy people-loving person until someone strikes a nerve and arouse shocking response which even you will be surprised. When that happens you must know that there is a dormant destructive emotional pain that lives with you.

Always remember that you cannot change anything you have not identified. The first step therefore is to pin-point your pain which could be one or a few of the following: Anger, resentment, hatred, guilt, jealousy, depression, self-pity; and others.  If you want to discover why you got it, you must be prepared to spend a very long time suffering because that is the function of mental profession.  I suggest you focus you attention in how you can heal your emotional pain.  Sometimes the answer is easy because you can remember the unfinished business that you swept under the carpet hoping that it will go away. The challenge is when the experience is locked in your unconscious mind and therefore not accessible for you to identify it. 

Healing an emotional pain requires you to engage your thoughts and desire to be happy in the present.  This means being aware that you are hurting.  For an example, if you generally find faults in people it could mean that you are harboring resentment because in childhood, you were not appreciated like other siblings and therefore you hated them or your parents.  It could be that you have been tolerating them and not celebrating anyone of them. The cover-up will blow if anyone of them or any person would dare point at any little flaw you have.  The bottled emotion will erupt in the form of exaggerated real negative response which will shock them, or any victim, even you; showing you that you must be aware that you are hurting.  When this happens, do not condemn yourself.  Regard that emotion as a foreign object that has occupied your body and can no longer live there.  This discovery will give your authority to watch this emotion without labeling or engaging in another pain such as self-pity or condemnation.  It will then be time to decide to forgive your parents and move on with your life.

Prolonged negative energy is the source of physical body pain such as cancer, high blood pressure and others.  You are a positive being because your Creator is Love and created you to function on positive energy.  Emotional pain therefore is like rust, which will sever the object to the point of breaking.  Be aware that you cannot move when you have this invisible anchor occupying your body.  It is your responsibility to identify and destroy your emotional pain if you are to move from the crossroads.