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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Taking control: The meaning and analysis of apathy and sorrow!

Apathy is a feeling of hopelessness or exploitation. It is an emotional emptiness which robs a victim of motivation to change the situation for better. Sorrow is a deep emotional pain for loss of a loved person or to a lesser extent, a valuable property like a home. It is a state of mourning which cuts deep and in most cases produce depression. It is a state of ceaseless sadness.   

Apathy is common on those who are divorced because there is always a sense of loss of resources even though emotionally one may feel relief for moving from unhealthy relationship.  There is also a loss of self-worth because good marriage symbolizes social success for finding a common ground to live with a total stranger in peace.  A failed marriage therefore is seen as inability to manage relationships which is a primary need because humans are social beings as well as spiritual. The worst feeling is that of being exploited. In marriage you give yourself unreservedly and divorce is a revelation of exploitation of the most treasured resource – self.

Sorrow is an emotional feeling that reflects the negative thoughts concerning unproductive period in life which in reality says you are a failure.  Great harm occurs when you dwell in this state because you would likely resort to some form of substance abuse to numb the pain and create a false joy and peace.   

The most effective approach of dealing with sorrow is focusing on you as a spiritual being and not a social self.  From the spiritual perspective, apathy and sorrow denotes that you have moved from the Creator.  It says you are cut-off from life and this revelation will enable you to realize that you must immediately seek Him and reconnect.  Without the Creator, you are like a branch cut off from the tree and therefore dying.  Spiritually you will see yourself as intact because no one can reach you unless you are ignorant of self in this realm.  As a spiritual being you are always above physical circumstances; and a winner as long as you (a spiritual self) stay connected to your Creator by faith.  Your Creator is therefore not moved by your tearful kicking and screaming; only your faith in His ability to carry you over all storms will move Him never to let go of your hand.

Practically you who have just lost a husband or a fiance for an example, you need to shake off all self-pity because is the ego stuff that will take you deeper into remorse.  You must focus in the now.  In this state you will realize that the only thing that is in your power to change is you.  When this truth sets in, you will chart your new course and move on from the crossroads.  Clothes change how you feel; so go shopping and change your look.  Remember that each day is an opportunity to affirm your power and ability to start over.