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Friday, 30 May 2014

Taking control: Love is the light that expels the darkness of negativity!

Taking control denotes claiming back your power and ability to perform and produce desired results.  The Giver of all that is, is Love.  He operates through love and your duty therefore is to know what the Creator’s love is, so that you can learn how to align your life to His and hence overcome your negativity.
Remember that your spirit never dies; it will leave your body at the point of death and go back to your Creator or to eternal destruction.  So the issue of knowing who you are is not a myth and you must give it your attention.  I will highlight how you can get started in preparing for your eternal life with your Creator.  He first demonstrated love by sending His Son as a Redeemer to buy you back into His household.  The questions you will have to answer therefore are: What did you do with my Son whom I send to release you? Did you accept Him as your Savior?
The explanation of love will enable you to understand the relevance of these questions.  It will reveal why the Creator says without faith in Him it is impossible to please Him. This will be the point of focus in forthcoming articles.  He laments on the ignorance of mankind regarding the purpose of life on planet earth.  In seeking enlightenment, I encourage you to open your heart because you cannot descent spiritual concepts with your mind.  Love is a key to your purpose in this life. Note the following attributes of love:
1.    Patience – denotes having general positive regard for others because we have different temperaments, which sometimes challenge our attempts to love unconditionally.
2.    Kindness – would not allow you to speak ill of others not ignore the need of those you can offer help. This includes both physical actions or sending kind thoughts and prayers to the unlovable people in your life.
3.    Love is devoid of envy – it means to be happy when others succeed before you.
4.    Love does not boast and is not proud – Let me explain this with regard to long-term relationships.  Couples boast about their contributions and effectively destroy their love and appreciation of their partner’s uniqueness.  Generally boasting is hurtful and says I am better than you!
5.    Love does not keep record of wrongs! This is the common of all relationships ills.  We step on the toes of those we love and they tend to remind us of the past wrongs.  This is the first challenge you have to learn to overcome in loving unconditionally because this is an emotional blackmail. Such an attitude says you hold the other person hostage; thus making life very uncomfortable. It is a form of controlling; the selfishness of mankind. It is amazing how we overlook this, yet your own Creator gave you freedom to love Him and willingly obey Him.

Loving others denotes you are ready and willing to protect them; you trust and uplift them when they encounter challenges. You encourage them to persevere and uphold their hope and show them that life is like a wheel - you experience both good and bad and learn accordingly.  The best part that applies to you and others is that, lover never fails!