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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Taking control: Meaning and analysis of the feeling of disgrace

Disgrace is a general deep feeling of the sense of humiliation. It denotes not fitting the worthiness that qualifies normal people. It manifests in total low self esteem which drives the host to act outside love due to the absence of positive energy.

Disgrace is better understood from the spiritual point of view.  Let me explain disgrace from the positive perspective: Grace is unmerited favor from your Creator.  It explains the nature and the magnitude of given positive natural and spiritual environment created for your general wellness.  Look at planet earth; it is the only one which has water, air, plants, minerals and all things you need to sustain your life.   Being aware of grace is the basic awareness of who you are and how you came to be.  It is a revelation that you are created by God and goodness is your nature.  Disgrace is the absence of this goodness and connection with the positive energy which means not experiencing the given good things that make you to want to operate from and stay connected in this life giving energy.

Disgrace is caused by living with condemnation due to something that happened and did not fit the societal moral code and or spiritual norm and therefore fall outside the guiding principles in the spiritual realm.  You are also a social being and anything that is not praiseworthy in terms of the community and societal standards is shameful.  For an example, a male child who is born outside marriage is not accepted to perform certain traditional rituals and this is a public rejection which cuts deep.   Such humiliation could take a nasty turn by way of making such a male person hate women to the point of becoming a serial killer of women.  Those who feel the pain of disgrace are not motivated to engage in good activities because they simply do not have that kind of energy.  Since they have very low self-worth; they are perpetually unhappy and generally shun good environment.

The effective remedial action for disgrace is finding spiritual connection with the Creator.  It is having a revelation and understanding that your parents and the community what judge you have very little to do with your existence.  Your are not an accident.  You are part of the Creator; this is why He knew you before you were conceived.  This fact enables you to realize that your parents are like a transport that brought you to plant earth and hence you were given their identity.  When you discover that you are a spiritual being like your Creator, you will stop seeing yourself in others.  You will realize that you are priceless in the eyes of your Creator; and defining who you are from any point of view would indicate serious ignorance of your identity.  You will actually perish if your see yourself as anything other than a spiritually being because you will seek to fall within the man-make definition other than the Creator who knows the number of your hair; and declared you His child and ambassador of His kingdom in this life.

Disgrace is living without the positive love-supporting energy of the Creator whose nature is life.  It therefore describes the general lack of spiritual fulfillment and existing in the dark world of life without the favor of the Creator.