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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Taking control: Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

One of fundamentals you have to deal with as you decide to take control of your life is finding out if you are an optimist or a pessimist.  Optimists see good things happening in the world and around them and flow with good energy.  If you see mountains and all forms of hindrances in life, you are a pessimist.  This means most of your challenges are self-created.

Pessimists are unaware that they have a strong relationship with problems.  The irony is that they are kicking and screaming about desire to be free but their actions say the opposite. You will know whether you are a pessimist by your consistent negative thoughts, perception and talk.  Let us clarify the difference with the following common views:
1.    Life is full of problems. Life also has a lot of good things if you look for them.
2.    All situations are annexed with ‘what if’ something goes wrong.  Whatever you think will happen. It is a Law of Attraction. When you banish negative thoughts and decide to see the end results of your positive thoughts, negative circumstances will depart from you.
3.    I cannot find anybody who cares for me.  Negative thoughts repel good things.  For an example if you think you are not attractive enough to have a date, surely you have tagged yourself unavailable and have prophesied doom over your social life. You will be amazed because you will see somebody with far less good features winning the best looking dates.  
4.    I do not have friends.  The situation is a simple revelation of how negative energy affects other people.  As people respond to the new thought authors about the Law of Attraction and decide to improve their lives, they will move away from pessimists.  If you discover that you are a pessimist and decide to unlearn and shake off this disabling disease, you will struggle for a while; but will steadily walk into the light of the joy of life.  You can start with appreciating the discovery and learn to move from that point into your newly discovered future.

A word of caution: Pessimists struggle to move from gross roads for fear of making new mistakes. Well, all important inventions came to be through several attempts and they are on-going projects, they are being perfected.  The most important achievement is discovering this condition.  Unlearning negativism is a lifelong journey of deliberation.  When you stop judging and finding faults in others, you are arming yourself with positive energy which will surely draw good things and people in your life. You will cheer each day and make the most of it. You will discover your part in making the world the most beautiful place to be.