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Monday, 21 April 2014

Taking control: Positive thinking is core in building your positive attitude…!

Attitude determines your altitude. This old expression sums up the importance of attitude in everything that we consider important and contribute to mankind’s welfare.  It is a global tag we measure ideal human approach to self and others. It is so visible and powerful that you cannot miss its beauty if it is positive or its stench when it is negative.

When you decide to start over a new chapter of your life and therefore want to identify stuff that must go to trash, do include negative attitude in the list of descriptive words that could help you to cleanse yourself.  Listing it will give you an opportunity to first understand the meaning of attitude and its contribution on your social and spiritual growth.  The tricky part is that it might have been rubbed on you by those who raised you; nonetheless it is not an excuse to carry it on as one of the ideals as soon as you are old enough to choose your own attire.  It is one of the virtues of choice that you include as your signature.

Secondly, rewind and see if you can pick your failures in relationships with others and whether you have learned from those mistakes.  If you have a negative attitude, you will find this little exercise difficult. The irony is that, if you cannot identify the contributing factors in your past failures, you will not learn and grow.  Moving from negative attitude should be a conscious decision if you intend to change your life for the better.  Negative attitude impact negatively on others and we needs others to be successful.

Positive attitude starts with positive thinking about self and others.  It will stay with you and grow when you are constantly aware of the nature of your thoughts. It is therefore not an occasion; but an on-going life-long process of shaping your life.  It is your authentic signature if it describes you wherever you are and constantly affect others positively.