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Monday, 28 April 2014

Taking control: What is your optimal life?

An optimal life denotes achieved level of desirable living standards from social, spiritual and economic point of view. It is a subjective individual perception of living beyond needs to higher realm of self actualization. Those living optimal life have access to what they want at any given time. The general view of an optimal life could be defined according to achievement of basic needs; security and the sense of belonging as follows: Basic needs: • All people need to eat to survive. Optimal life means eating all healthy food because you can afford them. • We all must have a shelter to protect us from harsh natural conditions. Optimal life means owning a house of your design with adequate facilities. This may vary according to level of financial capability. Security needs: • In this era we define security in terms of access to financial wealth. This means ability to spend money on both needed things as well as satisfying your wants on things that give you pleasure. It is having sustainable income which could enable you to buy a car without credit or the car of the year when you want to. • For ladies security could also mean having a partner who provides emotional stability. This is important because sometimes very rich people do not have social stability and therefore cannot fully enjoy their wealth. Sense of belonging: • Mankind is a social being and thrives when interacting with others. Optimal life means you have the right company to socialize with. For an example, a beautiful house without happy people in it is a ghost house. Being connected means having people who you share your life and ideas with. • Children who are raised in a happy marriage experience this security and sense of belonging as siblings and with other members of their extended family. They grow up within a community in which they identify their cultural traits which set them apart in the larger society. Optimal life is a finish line if you are at crossroads and preparing to start over. It gives you a mental destination of what social and financial freedom can usher you into. It is a template which guides you on things to cover when you plan your goals. We all seek optimal life. At this realm you have time to focus on your talents and spiritual gifts with a purpose to share with others because you no longer strife for your own needs.