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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Clear goals ignite passion to move from crossroads…!

A goal is a well thought end-result of your intentions which determines what resources you need and how you must utilize them. It is a perceived destination that motivates all actions to be shaped and executed in a decisive manner within pre-determined timeframe. Pausing at crossroads to redefine your goals therefore becomes a necessary clutter-removing phase.

I recall one of my close friend’s daughter who announced that she had been thinking hard following a career guidance sessions with a professional counselor.  She said she would not want to start any university course that would not point to a clear and profitable career.  Wow! That was smart!  Both parents would have like her to be an economist or an accountant; and were disappointed that a year would be wasted. 
The young girl researched on other fresh careers and announced that she had considered geography and environmental studies.  She said in order to experience what environment entailed, she would volunteer to work at a tourism company.  She did so well in one month that she got hired on a temporary basis. The following year she started her degree course on environment and is now running her own tourism company.

A second case involved a lady who held an executive position at a private company in Lesotho.  She divorced her husband who frequently abused her verbally and then one day nearly choked her to death.  She experienced rejection by her family.  They regarded her as being unreasonable because her husband said he was sorry for what he did. She left Lesotho and got a job at Johannesburg, in the Republic of South Africa.  She continued to study on part-time basis and passed her Masters Degree in Business Administrtion.  The ex-husband got married after six months and a year later became a suspect in a mysterious death of her second wife.

Let us analyze the two cases: The young girl paused for one year to gain the best years ahead, doing what proved to be her passion.  Had she settled to do economics, she would probably be stuck somewhere as an employee.  The divorced lady would not have made it as a corporate executive under the continual abusive relationship.  Such emotional hurts do not share space with sound mind required in the executive seat.  Staying in an abusive marriage would have been camping at a crossroads never to discover her happiness.  While rejection is painful, complying with her parents’ sentiments would have been detrimental to her personal goals.