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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Taking Control of your life: Discover your Thinking Style…!

Self-discovery is a lifelong purposeful evaluation of who you are. It is a systematic self-assessment of given talents which need to be discovered in order to be used as a foundation upon which you can develop your present self to higher levels.  It is also realizing that there is a part of you which has been filed in your subconscious mind and therefore not readily accessible. 
The most important part of the self discovery is your thinking style in order to learn from your strong point.  There are four types of thinking styles and it is for your advantage to know yours and start learning anything with ease.  They are:
*      Concrete sequential
*      Concrete random
*      Abstract random
*      Abstract sequential
Concrete sequential thinkers are realists.  They process information in an orderly and sequence manner.  Realists use all five senses. They notice and recall details easily and therefore are accurate in remembering facts, specific information, formulas and rules.
Concrete random thinkers are experimenters.  While they are still realists, they are more engaged in trial and error approach.  Their different thinking enables them to find alternatives and do things in their own way unlike the concrete sequential thinkers.
Abstract random thinkers organize information through reflection, and thrive in unstructured, people-oriented environment.  Their world is that of feelings and emotions.  Abstract random thinkers absorb ideas, information and impressions and organize them through reflection.  They remember best if information is personalized.  Structured environment restrict them. They are visual thinkers; that is, they understand written information better.
Abstract sequential thinkers love theory and abstract thought. They like to think in concepts and analyze information.  They are great philosophers and research scientists.  They easily find important point and significant details.  Their thinking process is logical, rational and intellectual.  Abstract sequential thinkers prefer to work alone.  They love reading and do well in research work.
The four thinking styles do not denote that any is better; but simply shows the way different people learn.  When you are aware of how you think, you will be able to notice how you perform in different settings; and that could enable you to operate from your strength.  You will know which job to apply for and know that you will have fun and perform above the average.

I believe you will agree with me that it is your personal responsibility to search who you really are. Knowing your talents will save you a lot of trial and error approach in seeking to improve your social and economic conditions.   You will learn the precious gifts presented in a brown paper and therefore ignored.  Getting interested in your potential is learning to love you; it is acknowledging and appreciating the Creator’s gifts you have. You will be amazed when you gradually discover how interesting you are; most importantly, how important you talents are in helping others to grow.