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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Taking control: Check your insecurity!

Insecurity is one of socialization issues which results in lack of self confidence. It is not loving yourself nor trusting in what you can achieve. It is displayed by seeking to be a constant center of attraction through manipulation others or an environment. Insecurity is a destructive negative behavior which you must identify and deal with if you are to achieve your mission to starting over a new life. You are unique and cannot do things like others because you can only do things according to how you are wired. The following are symptoms of insecurity: 1. Comparison: When your motivation to work hard is fueled by negative emotion to beat others and not based on your passion to achieve your goal. 2. Condemnation: It is a damaging negative emotion which could be directed at self or others. When you condemn yourself for your past wrongs and are unable to let go, it becomes heavy anchors that stop you from growing. When directed to others, it makes you a bitter and unlovable person. It will surely damage your interaction with others. 3. Compulsion: Denotes engaging in an activities for the purpose of gaining others approval. Hard work is good but should be carried out for positive reasons. There is a grey area here! Only you know the true motives for working hard. The point is; sometimes you are driven by negative energy to do good things. When you identify this, you would have taken control over your insecurity. The next step would be learning how to tap into a positive energy and always finding pleasure in who you are and what you want. 4. Defensiveness: If you are insecure you over protect yourself. You tend to be on defense mode and ready to lash out without provocation. Insecurity displays unresolved childhood conflicts. If left unattended, you become argumentative hence destroy your persuasion skill which you need for the corporate position. Insecurity is one of the common blemishes which damage relationships between couples, siblings, job colleagues and interaction with others. It is your most destructive enemy; very careful not to be recognized as an imperfection but a zeal to win and stay on top.