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Monday, 7 April 2014

How to discover a new you…!

Mankind is the most prized of all creation.  All living and non-living creation has been created into existence by the spoken word of the Creator.  When the Creator made man, He worked.  He imparted Himself by giving His life into the man to be a living soul.  In completing His creation, He was satisfied and expressed admiration.

If you do not regard yourself as an apple of the Creator’s eye, you will miss out on discovering the abundance of your potential for you are indeed created after His likeness and therefore possess His features and creative nature.  Maybe you need to start from the external world, the beauty of nature and the wonder of the universe.   You need to look at the living things with the new eyes, purposefully thinking about and internalizing the wisdom behind the existence of all living and non-living creation.

When it comes to you, you may consider the most intriguing part of your body, the brain.  Let us highlight the features of your brain so that you can have a glimpse of your ability to have dominion over all the creation as dictated by the Creator:
1.    You have trillion brain-cells including 100 billion active nerve cells; 900 billion other cells that nourish and insulate the active cells.
2.    Your brain can grow up to 20,000 branches on every one of those 100 billion brain nerve-cells.
3.    You have your left ‘academic’ brain and the right ‘creative’ brain both of which give you capacity to gain knowledge with ease and enable you to join in making planet earth the most interesting place to be.
4.    You have seven ‘intelligence centres’ that distinctively spell out things you are capable of doing.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware that you are endowed with powerful tools and therefore capable of becoming a better you if you decide to discover and use them.  If you do not take initiative to discover your true nature, you are like a rich man living in a mansion but living in one room.  Most of our treasure is buried under the hip of undesirable emotional baggage which when you analyze them like Dr. Bradley Nelson, you will discover why most of us live in one room. Visit him at

If the Creator admired you, don’t you think it worths your while to rediscover yourself? Looking for the new you does not require you to find who planted those blemishes on you; but to identify them so that you can start the process of deleting them.  Your purposeful discovery venture is a key to unlearning all negative emotions that has hidden your true potential and happiness. You can only change what you have discovered as undesirable.  So, as you remove the layers of your emotional dirt, you surely will find the true you and together we will learn how to discover the new you…!