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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Self-condemnation: How to learn to forgive yourself…!

Prolonged self-condemnation is a form of emotional self-destruction behavior that contaminates all three dimensions of love. It is devaluing self and being unable to learn from personal unsuccessful experiences.  It portrays poor knowledge of humanity and all its deficiencies; and most importantly, learning to forgive yourself as soon as you realize your mistakes. 

Your Creator does not expect you to be perfect because He knows that you can never be. Remember he knows the number of your hairs just like the car manufacturer knows the number of screws that holds it together.  Self-condemnation is unhealthy self-elevation which disregards humanity flaws.  This high regard of self is harmful to you because you focus in your weaknesses rather than your strengths.  That type of skewed perception will hinder any growth, be it social or spiritual. The fruits of self-condemnation are:
1.    Inability to discover your strengths which will result in inability to identify your life goals.
2.    Failure to love anybody because the standards are too high.  In other words no person will be lovable when all that is seen are blemishes.
3.    Inability to establish relationships with others which could be the result of unidentified socialization issues.
4.    Self-esteem issue which is regarded as pride.  Spiritually, pride is loathsome and is the source of many spiritual ills portrayed in bitterness, judging others rather than learning to love unconditionally. This is not having a relationship with the Creator whose name is Love.
5.    Inability to let go of the past mistakes.  If you are not able to forgive self, it is not possible to give others what you do not have.

Moving from self-condemnation is a long journey which requires you to monitor the nature of your thoughts and learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.  This is being present.  Being present means you do not let your mind operate on autopilot mode.  It is a skill that requires one to identify who is self so that you know that the mind is not you.  You are a spiritual being with a mind living in a body. That is a starting point!