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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Identification of personal blemishes helps in moving forward…!

While being at crossroad could be considered a compromising situation, it could also be an important position that enables you to identify your personal blemishes.  We learn to cover-up our blemishes very early in life because the ego does all the hard work of projecting nothing but the perfect false image of self.  Nonetheless, living a lie is a great anchor that could hold you a prisoner, barring all new information and opportunities towards ideal change.

The simple example of this concept is revealed in a person wishing to lose weight.  Until such a person identifies weight as harmful and make a firm decision to change towards looking and feeling good; there will be no action that changes bad habits and lifestyle.  In other words change will only occur following identification of undesirable situation to move to what is ideal.  When you are at crossroads, you must identify factors that prevent, derail or slow you to reach your destination.  For you to identify these factors you must steer yourself in a quiet place that will allow you to be objective about absence of direction or motivation to find your purpose.  Let us list some of hard to identify personal blemishes:
·        Fear of making mistakes – is disguised in perfectionist because a perfectionist needs to be right all the time.  An example would be a single woman who sees the world having fewer suitable men who are likely to dump her as soon as the euphoria of honeymoon is over.  In other words perfectionist wants all or nothing.
·        Delayed decision - is inability to trust self, which means low self-esteem.  It is revealed when you take too long to make a decision because you want all clear answers to your questions and circumstances.  Most of important discoveries are results of mistakes which were regarded as learning experiences.  Have faith in you because without it you have no life.

The cited blemishes are normally overlooked, but are serious hurdles especially when you are at crossroads.  If you are undecided regarding your career, it is better to find help and move on rather than to camp in a limbo.  If you are dealing with unclear direction about what you really want in life, take a pick and talk to somebody neutral like your doctor.  Their professional ethics bind them to keep secrets and are trained to make decisions.  Better still find a counselor who can steer you to finding what you are looking for. A counselor will not make decisions for you, but is trained to listen to you; ask you right questions, take your hand to support and cheer for every decisive step you take.
One of the urgent changes you need to implement is to learn to listen to your inner voice and feelings and not your mind.  Somebody gave an accurate analogy of the mind; it is a devil’s playground and therefore cannot be trusted.  All successful people do not fear to make mistakes; learn from them!