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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Taking Control: Wellness is supported by positive thinking

The previous articles have alluded to the fact that general wellness is supported by positive thinking.  Positive thoughts are therapeutic; they enable the body to function normally. The key is to choose to love yourself so much that you will not allow anybody to push you into stress causing thoughts. This is taking control of your life and ensuring that you maintain that upward mobility daily.
If you are in a mission to start over, an ideal practice to general wellness will starts with regular exercises.  It will clear your mind, take care of stress and tone your body.  As you get into ideal shape, you will think of learning what not to eat so that you can maintain the ideal you.  This good feeling will enable you to view yourself from a different perspective:
1.    You will develop and maintain a positive energy towards life in general.
2.    Darkness and light cannot occupy one mind; good thoughts will become permanent residents of your mind.
3.    Good thoughts generate positive energy which will draw people to you. You need to be in the company of people who think differently and aspire to improve their social and economic conditions.  When you rub shoulders with this type, they will impart knowledge and skill and enable you to become a new person. What I mean is that, you choose only the good things from other people without judging them on those that are not ideal to you.
4.    Stress is the cause of a host of diseases.  When you are busy building your empire, you empower yourself and will shun anything that may slow down your progress.
5.    Find out things that bring smiles and pick you out of negative feelings. Simply retain those good memories for times like that. Otherwise shut the door of the negative past life.
6.    Learn to be optimistic about your decision to start-over a new chapter of your life.  There are motivational tapes and relaxation practices. Chose those that are suitable for you and consistently engage in building your self esteem.

When you maintain positive thinking, old negative friends will automatically fall off because you can no longer comment when you are being updated about other people’s misfortunes. Is this not being transformed by your own self-determination to resign from the club of stressed negative people? This kind of positive thinking will not only affect your health, it will steadily usher you into understanding the concepts of emotional intelligence and reveal what spiritual enlightenment is all about.