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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Taking Control: How you could miss your second chance to a better life…!

Very few people successfully plan and live their lives with minimal challenges and therefore hardly need to make major adjustments. Most of us on the other hand go off the track and must start over on a completely new personal plan. This is what I call taking control of your life.   It follows an objective evaluation of self against where you had planned to be.

Often you postpone this important exercise until a significant challenge forces you to take action because naturally we dislike finding our own blemishes.  This lack of motivation to change is normal because you find it easier to adapt to pain.  You develop defense mechanism instead, which enables you to adapt to unpleasant situations.  You may rationalize the underlying reason for the need to change hoping that the problem will eventually go away. Subconsciously, you dislike change because it will force you out of your comfort zone.

As long as you compromise the present conditions, you will not seek the way out. This means you will not position yourself to find options and you will not even recognize opportunities when you have not made up your mind to change your situation.  Making decision to change prepares you psychologically to open old emotional wounds with determination to remove yourself from pain. It is taking responsibility to seek a second chance.

The starting point is allowing you to explore unfamiliar grounds with open mind.  This is the most difficult part because it means letting go of your past life.  It is restructuring your values according to how you see it and discarding most of the societal norms you were born in and socialized into.  It is choosing to go up the stream and follow your heart, thus breaking loose from your socialization anchors.