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Monday, 31 March 2014

How to leave the cross-roads requires clarity of self…!

Being at crossroads includes a position of dissatisfaction with significant aspect of your life and you are in the process of determining to change for the better.  It means you have decided to analyze the true nature of your feelings about the current situation without being under any form of external influence which in most cases is could be mislabeled as virtue.
I define confusion as not realizing whether you are happy or unhappy.  This is what I call being like a rose.   Roses look beautiful, smell wonderful; but are adorned with thorns.  Another position could be the second phase of your attempt to free yourself from painfully permanent situation to seek a place of refuge.  Staying in a position of permanent compromise is a form of procrastination.  It is not making necessary decision for fear of another mistake.  Usually you do this when you do not know who you are, why you are here and where you want to be.

Let us say you are a rose; that is, your thorns are hidden from afar! It could mean that your life skills to maneuver current pain, has kept you afloat.  Your head is still above the water and therefore alive.  The point is, if nothing changes for the better, it is a matter of time before issues that placed you in that position compels you to use the remaining strength to pull yourself to safety or ideal position.

Some of us have processed informal, non-formal and formal education from all social institutions so well that we do not know who we are and want in this life.  Finding who you are is an ability to discern the truth from the inner man.  It is transcending the superficial existence of acting on the fruit of your thoughts only.  It is reaching your spiritual self where wisdom is not cluttered with socialization and academic stuff; but a domain of connectedness with your Creator, and therefore executed outside the mind.  It is like being on the highest mountain where you have a clear view of what direction leads to your true destination.

The purpose of highlighting the position of spirituality is to enable you to re-assess where you are.  If you have never access yourself in this realm, it is likely that you are acting on values and beliefs imparted mostly to empower you as a social being and not as a spiritual being.   Let me offer a light for those who may not understand their make-up.  You are not a physical being but a spirit because you are created in the likeness of your Creator who is a Spirit.  Your real life-changing wisdom is therefore more profound when you are able to transcend the physical self.  This enables you not to focus on things that are seen but those things that are spiritual and true.  You may opt to start the journey of discovery of self from scientific view to realize the illusion of the physical world. This too is liberating.

If at this point you have more question than answers, it means you are hearing what I am saying!  You have started the awakening process of finding the real roadmap that will enable you to move from the crossroads.