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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How I understand emotional intelligence

Most people relate success with high level of education and this is why it is rated as one of the basic needs and a right of every child. You may know or have read about successful college drop-outs and therefore noticed that they applied another factor to experience a breakthrough. This factor is known as emotional intelligence which entails knowing one’s emotions and being aware of their nature and learning to control and manage them.  Success is also related with knowing other people’s emotions in order to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

Each person has a given knowledge and skill to be successful. Education could therefore be regarded as a catalyst that accelerates the process.  Knowing your emotion is being able to analyze how you think and will also identify strengths and weaknesses. The process will enable you to understand your intentions, behavior and response to life issues; and most importantly, what you want to achieve.  Understanding others and their feelings is a bit challenging but necessary because you need to recruit those that will enable you to reach your destination.
Emotions are visible results of the nature of your thoughts which are revealed as various feelings. Management of your emotion is therefore a lifelong learning exercise because your thoughts are aligned to how you perceive your world.  Emotional intelligence helps you to realize when you get stuck by indulging in negative past experiences rather than working on your motivation to start a new life. Overcoming negative thoughts that could possibly hinder your success requires your full awareness of your level of desire and zeal to develop strategic plans towards reaching your goals. 

Success is also about managing relationships with those in your boat so that you can maintain the tempo in rowing the boat towards the destination. To me this is the most challenging part because I must be able to motivate the team or the target group to want to achieve what I want.