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Monday, 10 March 2014

Are You at Cross Roads?

Being in control of your life means you are at least aware when you are stuck and unable to take any direction.  Most of us have been at cross roads when we were about to choose our profession, social status or review our religious belief. It is a normal corner to pause and think.

The condition of being at cross roads is threatening if you compare yourself with those who had career guidance; had educated parents who assist you to make up your mind about the right lifestyle – social and religious values and beliefs. The majority of us in developing countries were raised to fill the gaps of unfulfilled parents’ dreams.  Parents who are determined to have an engineer among their children by simply hand-picking any of their kids to meet this expectation. If that sound familiar, it is because you wondered if what you felt inside was true because you knew otherwise.  The pushing is always very painful and burden children with unsuitable careers.

When you prepare to exit into adulthood you are bound to pause and lay your cards of experiences on the table and try to make sense of what life holds for you and try to join the dots of the trends which point to your future.  Being at cross road requires you to be honest to your inner voice which we always ignore and yet is the most accurate if you do not confuse it with the mind stuff.  When you have a direction to take, you may want to research a little to be able to make informed decisions.  This means it is time to cast an open question to those whom you regard as level headed to be objective and professional in speaking into your life.  This means you do not burden your friend who is equally complacent about life and is at cross roads himself/herself. 

Being at cross roads means you are about to make life-binding decisions which may be expensive and disruptive if based on whims.  For an example, I wanted to be a doctor.  Nobody wanted to disprove me of my dream until I got it when watching a movie about contagious diseases.  The doctor who was treating the patients with inadequate protective clothing and equipment had to deal with horrible blisters on patients on daily bases.  It then dawned in me that if I was unable to watch the graphic scenes, I was not cut to be a doctor.  I then realized that I am not programmed to pass mathematics and science.  I even remembered why I chose physical science rather than biology when I was at a secondary school.  I could not look at flies, scorpions and let alone dissect a frog.  I realize that I cannot even slaughter a chicken; which is a normal thing an African girls are able to do so that they can be taught how to prepare one for their future husbands.

Where was I? I was at cross roads. I had to find my talent and then run in my lane if I were to pick a career.  What a revelation!  So, being at cross roads is an opportunity to find your feet and be able to run in your lane.