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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Reaching your mountaintops: Pick yourself up and chart your way forward…!

I wonder what life would be like without the twists and turns, the slopes and mountains conquered; the exhilaration experienced when reaching the top! Those who have experienced these, have physical, social, spiritual, financial and emotional scars that make their victory memorable. This is being able to pick oneself from one or all of these experiences and turning them into important stepping stones in crossing over and taking decisive direction forward.

I have noted that some people do not have financial challenges, but end up in emotional prisons because of relationships issues.  Others are poor but have blissful relationship with college drop-outs. Others were raised in spiritually rich families, but ended up being social thorns of the society because they wanted freedom in wrong places.  Still others found themselves in the wrong side of the law because of seeking financial success by enriching themselves through illegal strategies.  If you have experience one or some of challenges cited above and stayed on the right side of the law, you have endured the journey of life and reached your mountaintop. This list leaves those who have no issues or challenges; in this context, we call these blessed.

There are people at cross roads who need to make informed decisions to reach their personal goals without having to go through painful experiences and challenges.  Most of these are young adults.  They may have indirectly tasted a few challenges of life; but they need to walk with somebody who care enough to offer information and skills that could empower them to chart their way forward. If you are one of the blessed with less painful challenges; it would be a great honor if you could tell us how you avoided these challenges.  You see, at times the mind works against us. One cannot even start to climb one’s mountain if one has not crossed over the current issues.  I hope you can identify with this dilemma…!