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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Love is central to all that you are and need…!

It is amazing how mankind is so well equipped with potential ability to acquire knowledge and skill and yet struggle to find the key to accessing the given wealth in this life.  Love is the most common subject but illusive to many even the most intellectually successful.  The Book of origins tells us that love is central to that which we need and seek to achieve.  Is this the way you understand success to be?

You are not like anybody; you are unique!  This is the concept that you have to look at and determine whether it is a fact or not. The introspection should not be based on whatever theory you have read other than that which describes you as a product of love.  If you have never analyzed the three dimensions that make you different from an animal, you will likely treat yourself like one and miss the purpose for which you have been created for.  The Creator made you in His likeness.  This is a starting point.  When you seek this truth, you will arrive at an answer of who you are and your capabilities.

Your Creator’s name is Love.  He tells us that all that we seek is contained in love.  Let us explore the simplicity of this matter with what you do when you buy expensive equipment like a car:  First you read the manual of instruction because you do not what to ruin this prized property. Secondly, you want to enjoy all that it has been created to perform and carefully note what the manufacture bound himself with and the part you must play to get the maximum benefits of the car. 

Now let us look you.  All living and non-living things on the planet earth have been created for you and you are to benefit from all.   When the Creator declared that His idea of creation was complete, He was satisfied.  He actually said it was very good!   This is where your quest for self discovery must start.  The first question goes like this: If I am created in the likeness of my Creator who is the Spirit, then it means I am a spirit.  Judging from what I see in all things He created – earth, its inhabitants and the universe – then it means I am very smart and creative being too.  Then comes the point and the context of my study; the laws that governs me and the whole creation.  Do I know them? 

If you have ever experienced love in all its forms: joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control – and got placed in all negativety; then you will have attained enlightenment that love is central to ideal life. Such exploration is mandatory if you seek who you are.  It is a revelation of the love principle! It is amazing…!