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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Emotional Intelligence in developing organizations and people

People are essential assets in all social institutions and it is important to consider their academic capability as well as personal traits when developing organizations and employees.   Application of Emotional Intelligence principles has become a new way to understand and assess people's behaviors and their management styles. 

People become customers when they get friendly and efficient services which denote an ability to give positive attention to people when serving them.  Interpersonal skills could be a natural trait but it requires to be developed through the application of Emotional Intelligence principles. This is why it has become an important management tool in human resources planning; job profiling, recruitment interviewing and selection. For an example, a genius with a negative attitude is not an asset because he or she will destroy the image of an organization if given a people related job. This is why interpersonal skills rank high in jobs specifications because all organizations thrive in attracting and retaining customers. 

Whenever top management decides to develop their managers for higher positions, they go deep in analyzing each manager in terms of ability to deal with self; that is, knowing and managing their emotions. Those who pass such assessment are those who know who there are, and attempt to treat people as individuals at appropriate situations.  Most people fail to strike a balance and end up compromising the required integrity of the organization. Studying the concept and principles of Emotional Intelligence is one of the ongoing self empowerment items especially for those who seek to redefine their goals.