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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Parenting that bypass the vicious circle of dysfunctional family

Parenting is the foundation building process that starts before conception and transcends the grave.  Having babies should be a well thought and planned responsibility of mature people because it is the function of populating planet earth with quality inhabitants.  Both social and spiritual principles of parenting point to love as the main ingredient in starting a family. Anything contrary to these ideals denotes dysfunctional families.

Parents should be conscious of their emotional stability and readiness to be role models.  They should feel honored to construct behavioral foundation of their children.  We all know that children do what they see; so the following could be included in parenting guidelines:

·         Love unconditionally by expressing love and affection through hugging and kissing which is foundational in building future relationships

·        Providing safe social and physical environment encourages your children to talk freely hence enables you to know their cognitive development level and the nature of other concepts picked from the media, other kids at school and the public at large.

·        Praise good behavior and reprimand undesirable one; always being careful not to attack a child but a behavior.

·        Having one-on-one learning activities will help you know your child’s strengths, interests and weaknesses. It will also enable you to steer your child to develop career and personal goals from the point of strengths
·        Avoid favoritism because it causes siblings to compete to win your affection and approval. This has a long term tendency to overcome low self-esteem by learning to manipulate in order to maintain ideal position in relationships.

·        Equip children with life skills to avoid occupational hazards from frying eggs to handling gardening tools.  
·        Praising your child is encouraging repetition of an ideal behavior and desirable efforts. It builds character and accountability of own actions.

I believe parents should be conscious of the quality of lifestyle they instill in their children in order to gradually bridge the moral gaps which contribute to prevailing dysfunctional families