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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Taking control: When you forgive, you cut your social and spiritual chains!

Forgiveness is a conscious release of positive emotions that neutralize the negative ones and causes a person to experience spiritual and psychological relief.  It heals emotional pains and offers a considerable degree of general social well-being.
As a spiritual being you are inclined to experience a discomfort when you do not forgive others.  Let me explain: Your Creator is Love and you come out of Him. Unlike other living things that were created with the word from His mouth, you were created with His hands from the soil and He gave you His breath and you became a living being.  You are part of Him and you cannot function effectively outside love. This is why God had to forgive you in order to maintain this co-existence. It is this distinct degree of attention to your make-up that makes you to be a loving being with an authority over other inhabitants of the earth.  Mankind is therefore the physical revelation of God and could only be well when is aligned to His nature.
Look around and notice how mankind reacts to social injustice! Why is it that we have some degree of respect for others even in the most uncultured societies?  Why would somebody who has provided for his family care about others in far places and feels obliged to share his wealth? It is because love is ingrained in us and is a core of our being and livelihood. Let me highlight spiritual and social issues caused by not forgiving others:
1.    Spiritual chains: If you do not forgive you will lose your anointing; the delegated spiritual power that is intended to minister to others to attain acceptable and sustainable spiritual health. Your realization of the lack of wellness starts within you because you are a spirit being which normally compels you to seek help from the Creator who is Higher source of life for all creation. For an unbeliever this need is likely to cause one to find and participate in less desirable forms of spiritual activities.  Such state would manifest in crime and general inhuman behavior which the social justice systems deal with by keeping the perpetrators in prisons or rehabilitation centers.
2.    Social chains: A person who is not able to forgive others is neither likable nor lovable and experience challenges in relationships. Consider this: Life is about relationships! For an example, if your parents spoke blasphemous words over you because you did something they consider socially bad, they have cursed you! Words are powerful and parents must be aware of this fact and chose their words when they reprimand their children.  Consequently, if you do not forgive those who cursed you, you remain in bondage too.  Why is this important? It is because it violates the principle of love; which says love does not keep record of wrongs and does not delight in negative emotions.

The Creator demands that we bear with one another because practically nobody is immune to offending others even those confessed to be loved.  When you decide to take control of your life, you must let go of the wrongs and forgive unconditionally. Only then can you really start over a new chapter of your life – free to experience the joy of aligning with your Creator!