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Monday, 9 June 2014

Taking control: How much confidence do you have?

Confidence is an ability to believe in your thoughts and actions. It is a characteristic that result in a positive attitude and helps to maintain momentum of ideal behavioral success even during the challenging period of your life. It constitutes important factors necessary for all those who seek social and financial prosperity.
Confidence is an ideal attribute resulting from the process of shaping the behavior through informal, non-formal and formal education in different developmental stages.  You become confident because those who came into your life during the formative years imparted balanced approach to parenting.  It is a product of encouraging freedom to explore environment and applying restraint when it was necessary.  This is a tricky part of socialization which most parents miss because they often tend to be over protective, thus interfering with the child’s ability to learn from their mistakes and to make decision.
If you have not been adequately exposed to overcoming the fear of failure due to being overly reprimanded and punished in your childhood, you would tend to avoid confrontation.  You would be challenged to be an effective leader and would therefore rather be a follower. This fearfulness would become pronounced when engaging in decisions that affect other people. Alternatively, your low self-esteem would manifest as over-confidence which means covering your fear with false display of much fluffing of your feathers.   Confidence helps in various situations:
1.    Relationships: As a young adult you need to be able to handle an opposite sex and be assertive in expressing yourself on matters that contravene your principles and values.  For an example, in this era of short-cuts when it comes to dating rules, you need to stand your ground if you are a girl who wants to make informed decisions about ideal steps of conduct in sexual relationships.   Confidence will enable you to handle pressure even in marriage when submission to your spouse is abused. 
2.    Career: Women still feel shaky in political position because politics have been regarded as male territory with regard to necessary assertiveness during tough campaigning.  Confidence will deliver you from competition because it will enable you will use your unique prowess to stand out. It will enable you to follow your heart.
3.    Entrepreneurship: Confidence will enable you to use all your potential natural gifts. For an example, you will be employed to get exposure in your professional field and to be equipped to start your own business.  Being employed for the rest of your life can never allow you to utilize all that you have because you will always be restricted to operate within the specific parameters of your job position.
4.    Life situations: Confidence will enable you to get over your emotional hurts faster than someone who is fixated in the past failures.  For an example, you will not feel condemned and intimidated by malicious attacks on your person by those who fail to point their views positively; instead, you will look at such attitudes with compassion.
Confidence is an important equation of success. You can be a genius, but you need guts to face the tough world and be counted. It is an essential ingredient when seeking to take control of your life.